It’s 6:28AM and I’m in the Philadelphia Airport,
Terminal A, overlooking a parked plane. 
I don’t have wireless at the moment, so I won’t be able to post this
until I am safely on the ground in Atlanta. 


The first thing I want to get off my chest is over the
weekend, I bought some new clothing to spiff up my work attire.  I bought some shirts that claimed to be
wrinkle free, well, they are wrinkle free, but they still have the creases from
when they were folded at the store.  I
will have to change shirts when I land, I need to make a decent first
impression on the team I am meeting today. 


I would have ironed them last night, but I got back from
work close to 9PM.  It was a crazy day in
Horsham where we had to get a ton done before we went down to Hotlanta. 


We’ve made some progress on the residential situation.  We’re looking to move into the Regency Woods
apartment complex in Doylestown, it’s right behind the Acme.  Jay Matthews and I checked them out several
years ago, but I ended up working too far away. 
It’s not a done deal yet, but it’s looking like we’ll be in there by the
beginning of June. 


The new job is going well. 
It’s still the first week and for the first 3 days I will be in 3
different locations (home, Horsham, Atlanta).  I will be coming home from Atlanta on Friday night.  The good news is that I am really embedded at
my client’s location and I am pretty sure we are off to a good start, we have
similar backgrounds and I think we’ll work together well. 


I have 3 recent dialogues that I want to share:



The Edman and I
discussing my first day of work:

Me:  I won’t be in
Horsham today, I will be working from home.

Edman:  That’s cool,
but what the hell do you do on your first day at work at home?



Me and Security Guard
at the place in Horsham where I work:

Me:  I am dropping off
the papers you needed so I can get a security badge to enter and exit the

Security Guard: 
Thanks very much.

Me:  Wow, is that a
real gun in your holster?

Security Guard:  Sure
is, and it’s loaded too.

Me:  Holy smokes, you
don’t mess around here do you?

Security Guard:  Nope,
we take security pretty seriously.

Me:  Okay, is there
anything else we need to do for my badge?

Security Guard:  Yeah,
I have to take you back to the office…to shoot you.

Me:  Hahaha…I hope you
mean with a camera.



Me and neighbor at
4AM this morning.  He’s stretching and
preparing for a morning run.

Me:  Don’t tell me you
do this everyday.

Neighbor:  Just about.

Me:  Good for you man,
that’s just crazy.


Quick note on my destination.  I am actually heading to the northern part of
Atlanta, called
Buckhead.  It’s been referred to as the Beverly Hills of the
South because it has tons of shopping. 
I’ve been there before several years ago, but we went there for the
nightlife.  The place was packed with
bars and a lot of them were over the top. 
One place we went was called Lulu’s Baitshop, it served a $10 drink that
came in a bucket completed with a 8” rubber alligator.  We had an absolute blast in this town.  I talked with some of the employees down in
Buckhead and they said they’ve cleaned it up a little and shut down a number of
bars, including Lulu’s. 


Quick note about the blog. 
Every once and awhile I check the statistics to see how many people are
checking in (or how many times people are checking the site).  On average, Droppin’ Some Deem receives about
200 hits a week.  Last week, it was up to
300.  I investigated and found out that
over the weekend, 100 people clicked onto my Call of Duty 4 review from a
couple months ago.  Moral of the story,
if you want to have a hit blog, write about video games.

13 thoughts on “Hotlanta

  1. you jumbled my words and i couldn’t even make sense of what i had said so here is the real conversation:Rob: I won’t be in Horsham today, I will be working from home.Edman: How the hell does a person get to work from home on their first day?Rob: I totally scammed this company. They don’t realize they are getting the world’s worst worker. Edman: Thats terrible Rob. You should have some pride.Rob: The only thing I care about is video games. I read my Call of Duty 4 review 100 times over this weekend in awe of myself. Edman: I support you as a friend, but as a person you aren’t worth a damn. See you at softball!


  2. Rob we looked at the apertment years ago. I’ve movd on. I live with Jen now and we’re getting married. I don’t think I’m intarested in living there with you anymore. It’s time you move on too.


  3. Robbie, I have a little place you can stay at while you look for a new home. Just give me a call sometime and I’ll take care of you, Tiger. Grrrrrrrr


  4. Hot Kelly I told you I’m married. And I love my wife. It was just one time in a moment of weakness. I’ve matured since then (last week).


  5. I love how who ever keeps posting as me loves to misspell words on purpose because I seem to do that more then anyone else. (apartment & interested).On another note, I think Hot Kelly is a dude.


  6. I would love to be shot with your gun Mister Security Guard. Shoot Me, oh Shoot Me. All over. Ouch that hurts Mister Security Guard.


  7. I stretch everyday at 4 am and prepare for a run like you said. Thing is, I don’t ever run. I stretch out and then go back to bed. It’s like my half time for sleeping. I find it helps me do better in the second half.


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