Shad Festival 2008

I recommend that everyone try to go to the Shad Festival on the weekend of April 26 & 27th in Lambertville, NJ.  Parking can be tough, but I’ve always had luck on the outskirts of town near the CVS.  Here’s 10 reasons to go:

1.  Shad Fest typically has some of the nicest weather of the entire year, it’s usually a beautiful warm Spring day with a gentle breeze that circulates the aroma of kettle corn, charcoal grills, and daffodils. 

2.  Many top restaurants in the area create street side grills and cook up some excellent food.  Lots of great art, crafts, and weird junk to buy.  Street vendors line the streets offering everything under the sun.  Not to mention, Lambertville is great for window shopping on it’s own.  Not to be too weird, but their’s a cool place called The Mix Gallery that sells vintage purses and furniture, it’s a cool place to take your babe-a-licious lady.

3.  Get your drink on!  There’s a wine tasting from 2-5 on Saturday and Sunday at Wonderful World of Wines on 8 South Union Street.  There’s a beer garden outside at the Lambertville Station.  The River Horse Brewery usually has a mini-concert going on, complete with dozens of kegs, and great grilled food, I think you pay a flat rate and you’re good to go for the entire day.

4.    Rubber Ducky Race.  By a rubber duck at The Missing Piece for $5 and if your duck wins the race, you could win $500.  Proceeds benefit local school.  The actual race takes place on Sunday at 5PM, but you don’t have to be there to win.

5.  Watch them catch a shad.  There’s a little row boat that takes off from Lewis Island and he drags a net way out to the middle of the river, he rows back with a net full of fish, some are huge and interesting.  How to get to Lewis Island:  cross into Lambertville from New Hope, take the immediate left turn, about 300 yards down the street you’ll see a parking lot for some condos on the river, cut through the parking lot, go over a dinky pedestrian bridge, and you’re on the island.  Last year they were scheduled to row out around 1PM on both days. 

6.  For the adventurous…eat some shad!  Shad are basically a huge herring, ther’re a oily dark meat kind of fish, but people older than dirt seem to love them.  If you’re out of your freaking mind, try some shad roe.  That’s right, people cook up the eggs of the shad and eat them, it’s like a poor, poor, poor man’s caviar.  I might try it and blog about it, but it’s Fear Factor worthy!

7.  Free Stuff!  Last year they gave out some free samples of yogurt, drinks, and the Geico Gekko himself showed up to hand out free stuff and give discounts on car insurance. 

8.  Great bands are playing at almost all the restaurants, nurse a Corona and listen to a set of live music.

9.  Walk across the bridge go into New Hope and try the beer sampler at Triumph.  I think you get 6 small glasses of beer for $6.

10.  I’ll be there, we can hang out!

4 thoughts on “Shad Festival 2008

  1. I kill shad with my bare hands. It’s easier that way because I’m fast and strong. I can cook them immediately with my super strength breath.


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