Blog Dreams Are Made of These

So I have a long-term goal for my life.  I want to be number 1 in the world in kills on Call of Duty 4 for the Xbox 360. 

When I load Call of Duty 4 on my Xbox 360, I have the option to play the single player campaign or to play online against other dorks like myself.  I beat the single player campaign a long time ago, so I dedicate myself to online play.  How does it work you ask, well it’s simple.  There’s typically two teams of 6 people and you need to capture bases and keep the other team from overtaking the bases you have captured.  For every second you hold down the base, you earn points, the team that gets to 200 points first, wins.  The cool thing is, every time you shoot someone, Xbox tracks your stats and posts them for you to see, you also see how your stats compare to the rest of the world.  Right now, over 9 million people own the game (across all consoles) and my rank is around 389,000.  (FYI – it also tracks your shooting accuracy, wins, win %, score, and overall time you’ve dedicated to this game). 

Whoever guesses the amount of online people I have killed will win a blog entry completely dedicated to them.  You have to be closest, it doesn’t matter if you’re over or under.  

Here’s a hint, to get close to the top of the list, I would need 220,000 kills.  My hope is that other people stop playing the game as much and in the next couple of years, I gradually move up the list since all the other uber geeks have moved on to newer games.  

The challenge is, I can only play when Winston is sleeping, so I usually have to play late at night before going to bed.  Cramming a couple hours of violent warfare before sleep can lead to weird dreams.

Blog dreams are made of these
Who am I to disagree
Traveled the World and the Seven Seas
Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to be used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused by you
I want to be #1 in Call of Duty
Keep your head up, moving on
Hold your head up, moving on
Keep your head up, moving on
Hold your head up, moving on
Keep your head up, moving on
moving on!

Frenchtown Moment #5

The Frenchtown Flood of 2006 – I don’t really remember is raining very hard, I guess it just rained for a long time.  I didn’t think anything of it until I was at work, passed a TV with CNN showing Frenchtown and how the river was covering up the roads.  Since our apartment is on River Road, I immediately left work to determine if my belongings were under water.  Luckily, the apartment stayed dry, but the road was so flooded, I had to park my car in town and cut through the woods to get to my apartment.  I could have rafted from my apartment to the pizza place or to Thai Chili, Frenchtown looked like Venice for a couple days.  

This is the road I live on

Here’s a video of the flood, taken from a bridge further down the river, but it looked just like this in Frenchtown.  Normally, the bridge is about 30 feet above the water, during the flood, trees were slamming into it. 

7 thoughts on “Blog Dreams Are Made of These

  1. I remember my boss being pissed off that I missed a day of work because of this. What a prick.And getting no credit for my artistic photo of the flooded river road!? What the eff is that!? Droppin Some Deem is getting sued as soon as I’m done droppin a deuce. DEUUUUCE!


  2. I can’t believe that no one guessed, or just didn’t bother reading a post about COD 4. If no one guesses, I’ll just randomly pick a friend to blog about.


  3. What are you talking about? I’m a subscriber so I get your blogs in my email. But I always read them.Jender is done this Sunday!!!! Mutilation to the buttox!


  4. I just realized I fell victim to the imitation comment. please do not imitate me because there is only one laurie. recognize!


  5. Sorry Laur! I should have put my last name. I just figured everyone knew it was me and NOT you since I am more popular around here. Maybe I should be mad at you for imitating ME!


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