It’s Jaclyn Fellman Deem’s Birthday Yo!

Tomorrow, May 16th, is Jaclyn’s birthday.  Jack, Win, and I are all heading up to Niagara Falls to celebrate.  None of us have been there before, so we’re pretty excited to check it out. 

We’re taking tomorrow off so we can spend a long weekend up there.  I’ll take plenty of pictures and report back on what to do if you ever go up there too. 

If any of you want to wish Jaclyn a Happy Birthday, please give her a call or leave a nice comment below. 

3 thoughts on “It’s Jaclyn Fellman Deem’s Birthday Yo!

  1. Happy Birthday Jackie! if you decide to throw rob over the falls you can come live with rose and i. we could use a few new people in our relationship. it might be fun!!


  2. does the barrel going over the falls in the picture say “drugs kill”. ironic considering anybody who tries to survive the falls is probably high. don’t do drugs kids but feel free to try going over niagra falls!


  3. To all the blog readers:Jaclyn Deem is the greatest sister ever. The world is so blessed to have such a wonderful mother, sister, daughter, friend and ally in it. Hope the weekend in NIagra Falls is fun, and you guys don’t accidentally fall in!


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