Frenchtown Commons – Frenchtown, New Jersey (My Review)

It’s tough finding apartments near the Delaware River in New Jersey, it’s even tougher to find a review of an apartment complex in that area.  So here’s my service to the community, a review of the Frenchtown Commons. 

I’ve been living in the Frenchtown Commons for a little over 3 years and in general, it’s been a great experience.  The apartments have central air conditioning and the manager of the apartment complex takes great pride in landscaping, maintaining, and fixing problems promptly. 

The best thing about the apartment complex is the location.  The apartments are located on Route 29 (River Road) and the center of town is about a quarter mile away.  The river is also about a quarter of a mile away (or closer if you cut through the business across the street).  The town is beautiful, but lately (2007/2008) the town has experienced a decline of sorts, several restaurants and small shops have gone out of business, it’s nowhere as nice as it was a couple years ago, but it could be a lot worse.  We have some great restaurants that are still open, plenty of cafes, and quite possibly the best diner in Hunterdon County.  The river is absolutely beautiful, clean, clear, and perfect for kayaking, canoing, tubing, or just taking a swim.

While the location is scenic and serene, the downside is that you have to travel about 15-20 minutes to get to a Shopping Center.  There is a little grocery store in town which can get you by, but most people will need to visit the Shop-Rite in Flemington or Clinton. 

There’s an interesting mix of people that live in the Frenchtown Commons.  I think a substantial percentage of people that live here are living here with government assistance.   There’s a decent cohort of elderly people and a couple of families that make the Commons their home.  In my 3 years, I have never been disturbed, I have never witnessed or experienced criminal activity, it’s just a friendly community.  To be honest, I’ve probably been the biggest disturbance with my New Years Eve parties and occasional summer fiestas.  My neighbors never complained, they are good people. 

The apartment itself is very spacious and the rent is very affordable.  In fact, when I signed up for a 1 year lease, I was given the first month of rent for free. 

If you’re in your twenties and you’re looking for a crazy nightlife, it’s not the place for you, but if you love the river, an artsy vibe, or just want to get away from it all, this is a great place for you. 

One last thing, there’s three great BYOB restaurants in town, BYOBs are great places to take a date on a budget.

Favorite Frenchtown Moment #4
Rope Swing on the Delaware River – Jaclyn, Dave and I all went to a monster rope swing near Bulls Island on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River.  The rope swing is obviously tied to a tree, the rope hangs about 50 feet down with a big knot at the end.  The tree is on top of a steep river bank and you have to climb up a ladder that is permanently hammered into a tree to get the velocity needed to propel you way into the Delaware River.   For the crazy people, there’s a tree further back that can launch you even further into the river, but you have to be half Tarzan or insane to attempt.  Dave did it with no problem, but I was too scared.  Jaclyn swam across the Delaware River and I did the same, but it was a lot tougher for me than Jaclyn.  Since this rope swing eludes many people, here’s a map to find it.

Pics of Frenchtown, NJ

10 thoughts on “Frenchtown Commons – Frenchtown, New Jersey (My Review)

  1. Does Frenchtown have google earth’s street view yet? Why did your post overlook something so important? In other news, I’m pretty sure I was caught on the google street view car when it drove around Scranton a month ago. Get excited for me on the internets.


  2. What did my post overlook? Congrats on being captured by the street car, I was in the background of many people’s pictures at Niagara Falls. I love being in the background of people’s pictures, I try to exhibit great enthusiasm in pictures where I’m not the focal point.


  3. I love how I can be described as either insane crazy or half Tarzan. I think most people on this side of the country are starting to understand this side of Dave.Nice review. I’d like to say that the time I spent in Frenchtown with you and then you and your wife were an absolute pleasure. It was a great experience in a very strange point in my life. I’ll never forget it, thanks.


  4. Rob, good review. I really love where you and jaclyn live. ill miss visiting you guys in frenchtown, but i am now tempted to find that rope swing!


  5. i’m so in for the rope swing! lets do it! my favorite memory was at your new years party a couple years ago some guy that dave knew peed on the toilet seat by accident and didn’t clean it up. i was the next guy in.


  6. Hi There Neighbor!I’m trying to guess who you are? I’m the grandma to Kayla and Kim’s mom. Do I know u? I love it here too (I’m sure u can see from all the stuff I have out here) I’m a disruptive person too and NOT TOO thrilled about my friend’s Thai Restaurant closing. IT IS BEAUTIFUL HERE and love to watch the hummingbirds!


  7. I used to live in Building 5 on the bottom floor. Jaclyn and I were parents to Winston (our little boy who we always took for walks through town).It’s a beautiful town and there’s a lot of good people in the area. We moved to Doylestown, PA in June. Hope all is well.-Rob


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