3 Day Weekend

The big Memorial Day Weekend kicks off today.  The weather is looking beautiful and it’s only getting better.  Tonight, we party with the Edman, I’m thinking about the zoo on Saturday, big softball tournament on Sunday, and on Monday, my brother is adopting my big TV. 

I’m giving the monsterous TV to my brother because it takes up way too much space in an apartment.  We’re going to get something a little smaller and flatter instead.  We’re moving into Doylestown on Thursday, 5/29, less than a week away.  I’m starting to get a little sentimental, I will definitely miss some parts of Frenchtown, but I am sure those voids will soon be filled by Ooka, Lilly’s, Burpee Park, new friendly neighbors, and the pool in our apartment complex. 

It would be really cool if we could all go back in time to visit the 26 year old Rob Deem and explain how the Frenchtown experient would turn out.  We could have a big surprise party for me as I walk into my apartment for the first time in July 27, 2005.  I would ask questions about the upcoming softball seasons (I would be shocked to hear that we lose every game for an entire season), I would love meeting Winston, I’d give Jaclyn a huge hug, I would shake the hand of the present day Rob Deem, and then I would probably ask present day Rob Deem to talk with 26 year old Rob Deem and ask him a couple of questions:

26 Year Old Rob Deem:  Do I need to do anything differently?
Present Day Rob Deem:  Cram in a little more softball, protest the sale of Cucina Del Sol to new management, and make sure you go on all the spectacular dates you can cram in with Jaclyn before the baby arrives 

26 Year Old Rob Deem:  Do I have anything to be worried about?
Present Day Rob Deem:  Nothing to worry about, but your son is a wild human being.  He is constantly running around, climbing, and getting into things he shouldn’t be getting into.  Oh, and your best friend will be moving to San Diego, it fact, it will start a trend of seeing your friends less in general.  With you having the family and your friends getting into serious relationships, it just gets tougher to see each other regularly. 

26 Y.O.R.D. – That sounds like my son alright.  Which friends are in serious relationships…it’s not Jay is it?
P.D.R.D. – It’s Jay! 

26 Y.O.R.D. – Wow!  I didn’t see that one coming.  Do you have any more advice?
P.D.R.D. – Bet a lot of money on the Giants when they play the Patriots in the SuperBowl and write a blog, it keeps you honest and it encourages you to pack excitement into your life.  You don’t want a boring blog. 

The final 3 best moments in Frenchtown
#3 – New Year’s Eve Party 2008.
  We tried to step it up a little with a martini bar, gambling theme, and the 2007 recap presentation.  New Years is my favorite holiday, it really forces you to take inventory on where you are, where you’ve been, and to celebrate that you’re all alive to cram more in another year.  Other highlights include the Edman’s outfit, Walt’s appendix bursting, the wheel of death, and San Diego Dave making an appearance.

#2 – Winston coming home from the hospital.  Winston was born on January 4th, we were allowed to take him home on the 7th.  For some reason, fireworks were going off over the Delaware River and we were all alone with him for the first time.  At this moment, I felt extremely uneducated about parenting, but I wanted to learn and I just did my best.  I still remember the ride home from the hospital, I think we drove about 15 miles per hour the entire time. 

#1 – Getting engaged next to the Delaware River.  I took Jaclyn to an old stone platform that overlooks the Delaware River.  I wanted it to be private, I wanted it to be a place that we could always go.  Kind of like Eternal Sunshine and the Spotless Mind, I wanted this to be our Montauk.  It’s always there for us and I always think about it whenever I walk by that spot.  I think we’ll come back and visit that spot from time to time for the rest of our lives.

I took this photo on my cell phone while driving home from work

3 thoughts on “3 Day Weekend

  1. Rob, I have been your blog stalker for a couple weeks now, since Jaclyn linked to it in her blog. This post made me tear up a little bit. You are so creative and describe your memories so beautifully. You have a big wonderful life ahead of you and many more wonderful memories to describe. (One of which I hope is bringing a baby GIRL home from the hospital in November!)


  2. I love blog stalkers! Thanks for the positive review, I can’t wait to see your new house in DC. I’m not sure, but think it is a girl.


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