You’re Okay Dad

I was driving home from work and the car in front of me had a vanity license plate that said:


I thought, “Wow, this father really must of been on some shaky ground with his family if they ponied up to buy him a license plate that says, ‘You’re Okay Dad’.  I wondered if he was once an alcoholic or if he is constantly doubting his abilities as a father.  I concluded that it was very nice of his family to let him know that he is okay, it hasn’t been easy, but they pulled together and all in all, he’s done well.”

The more I thought about it, I started to think that it was actually kind of crappy for his family to get a license plate that said he was just okay.  Then I reread it again and realized that if you break it up differently, it is a much more positive license plate. 

One more commuter thought of the week.  I was driving down a stretch of 611 where it’s 4 lanes.  A school bus turned on its flashing lights and stopped to drop off kids.  All 4 lanes of traffic stopped and I don’t think they stopped because its the law, I think they stopped because everyone loves kids.  I’ve discovered the brightest aspects of humanity since Winston became my wingman.  Everyone helps him, loves him, watches out for him, and owns a little piece of his development.  People just love kids.  This made me think, when do people start hating people?  Everyone loves the kids, but eventually, people start hating each other, it’s pretty amazing to think about how we get older and lose that loving spirit. 

DOYLESTOWN – We’re moved in!!!

Thank you Deem and Fellman family for all your help moving, it would have been impossible without you. 

It’s strange being back in Doylestown, the town is alive and with this beautiful weather, people are eating on the sidewalks, musics spills out the bars, and the shops are buzzing with activity.  I love the town, I love seeing old neighbors, running into friends, and being so close to everything. 

Leg Update – I can’t find the camera, otherwise, I’d post a picture of it.  I’m really impressed with it’s progress, but it still looks nasty and if it brushes against something, I fall to the floor in pain. 

5 thoughts on “You’re Okay Dad

  1. I didn’t elaborate on why it’s strange being back in Doylestown, I think it’s strange because I have a real strong association between Doylestown and High School. I walk through the streets and think about hanging out in front of Kenny’s and shooting rival gangs with water pistols. It’s strange building new connections with this town as a married 29 year old with Winston.


  2. hey dumb nuts – did you ever think that UROKDAD is actuallyYOU ROCK DAD!!!!what a great license plate! depending on how nice your dad is being you could tell him it means something different each day. he gives you extra allowance that week – YOU ROCK DAD!!!he doesn’t let you stay out past curfew on a weekend – you are just ok dad. my feeling is the intention was to say he rocks, not he is just ok, unless that family is really funny. speaking of random people paying attention to winston and kids in general. i was in the supermarket this week and a little girl was standing in her mom’s shopping cart, obviously bored out of her mind. i was in the same aisle figuring out what i wanted and i felt her staring at me so i kept turning to her and sticking my tongue out and then turning away real quick unbeknownst to the mom. after i made my selection i did it one more time and then walked away. as i’m walking down the aisle i hear the mom now paying attention to the kid yell at her real loud “STOP STICKING YOUR TONGUE OUT!!!” hahahaha. i hope that i made just a little bit of an impact in that young girls life and that she never forgets the guy in the supermarket that got her in trouble and yelled at in public.


  3. Edman reminds me of Dane Cook smashing an ice cream cone in a kids face, saying “You never forget me!!!” He has the right idea on how to make a lasting impression on a child…Ed is right on about the plate too. You are a glass half empty kind of guy, I guess.


  4. I got it, it just wasn’t what I thought of first. “Then I reread it again and realized that if you break it up differently, it is a much more positive license plate.”How about those Bulldogs?


  5. when you said it is much more positive i thought you meant in general that “you’re OK Dad” was meant as a compliment and not something to do with an alcoholic father making amends with his kids. sometimes Rob you are as clear a weightlifter’s back.


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