Rubbing Alcohol

I got a call from Jaclyn today:

Jaclyn:  I have some good news and some bad news. 
Me:  Ok
Jaclyn:  The good news is that I got most of it off.  The bad news is that Winston drew all over your new flat screen TV with a Sharpie permanent marker.
Me:  Ok

Kids are really crazy, they can really test your patience.  I am not mad, I never raised my voice, you just accept it, you have no other choice.  Moving on, I’ll try to keep Sharpie’s away from him, but he’ll just find something else to get into, it’s impossible to anticipate all the ways Winston can disrupt a nice and peaceful household.  To be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way, he’s a boy who’s constantly exploring and trying new things, I am sure this will end up being pretty minor of the scale of crazy stuff he ends up doing.  I researched permanent marker on LCD screens and found a surprising amount of information.  They all said rubbing alcohol is the best, but the TV’s manual said not to use it.  I used it anyway, nothing else was working.  The rubbing alcohol worked amazingly well and the screen looks as good as new.  I’ll let you know if that changes in the future (I’ll add a comment to this specific blog entry so that anyone who is stuck in a similar predicament can get immediate resolution). 

Kids are a crazy rite of passage, they haze the hell out of you.  You have to clean up their shit (literally), you have to make them the priority in everything you do, you have to fully commit yourself.  A lot of my friends are on the fence about this whole proposition, could a kid actually be worth that kind of sacrifice?  All I can say is, it depends.  Like I was saying the other day, everyone loves kids.  They are a beautifully clean slate and you pour everything you can onto it, you try to show them your favorite places, play them the best music, and teach them what you’ve learned, it’s like planting a garden of all your favorite things.  I love seeing his love for music bloom, he throws the ball to me, he says “Momma” with such affection, he brings incredible happiness to my life.  I’m not just saying that because I got the TV clean!

My leg still bothers me, but it’s looking much better.  The texture looks and feels similar to a football.

Here’s a picture of the Neshaminy Topless Bar and Hotel.  I took it while stopped at a traffic light.  If there’s anyone out there who wants to do a investigative report for me, I’d consider paying your costs to stay in this hotel for one night, in return I want as many weird details that you can provide me.  It will be ground-breaking journalism.

Winston can hang from things without the aid of others, by the way, the skinny guy in the back is Jaclyn’s brother Matt

Drunk driver crashed into bicycle race.  10 people were injured, but no one died. 

11 thoughts on “Rubbing Alcohol

  1. OMG, that last picture is insane. Do you know where that was? Winston is adorable, the other day when i was at your house he was being changed in to his jammies and he was laying on the floor naked. he started sucking in his stomach as much as he could, and it looked disgusting, i was actually grossed out, and i was being very vocal about it. he was so cute he just looked at me with this look like he knew i was grossed out but it was amusing to him. it was super funny, i just love that child.


  2. That was the most random blog ever but it definitely kept my attention. Tooth paste gets permanent marker off of anything too.. I’ve never had to use it on a tv but it does the trick for most.Anyways, your leg is sick. What’s are your plans for the weekend? PS. I love when Winston comes into my office. He’s a joy.


  3. We’re going to see Tom Petty on Friday night. Saturday, we’re going to Christine’s grad party, Sunday, we’re going to stay in DC for a bit to check out Krissy’s new house. We will be very busy.


  4. I use rubbing alcohol and toothpaste on my back and chest. It bleeds a lot but after a couple of days all of the hair and pimples are gone.


  5. I will take you up on the offer to stay at the hotel. My girlfriend used to work there. She has a restraining order, but I’m not sure if it’s still valid since I’m dead.


  6. BEST BLOG EVERThe surface of a flat screen tv is inert glass, you can clean it with any strong acid or base, as well as alcohol because ink is alcohol soluble. Thanks for the leg photo, but I wish you took one when it was covered with the ochre glub. Winston is the bomb, I am mailing him a bunch of krylon spraypaint bottles. Iona actually put all of my comic books into an industrial pork smoker, but what can you do? Hope you are well, shanna iona and i love the bloge.


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