I Give Barack Obama Some Credit – Bad Names

After the last presidential election, which was about who remembered 9/11 more, I would have never guessed a dude named Barack Hussein Obama would have ever been the Democrat’s next presidential candidate.  Talk about overcoming some odds?  Poor guy, Obama sounds a hell of a lot like Osama and then you add in Hussein and you have a real nice terroristic sounding name in the midst of a country filled with fear.  And he freaking won, he beat Hillary, the ghost of the good old days, the days of surplus, saxophone playing on late night talk shows, an age before war.  He beat her in the presidential election, that’s pretty amazing.  I’m not endorsing anyone, but I do give him credit, he won an election with a combination of names that rival the worst of them. 

I do want to say this, there’s a lot of fake crap that gets sent around over chain e-mails, stuff about him being a Muslim and how he’s secretly a terrorist, I just hope you do some follow-up research to find out the truth about the guy before you go on believing it.  Again, I don’t endorse him, but I hope everyone’s votes are based on good information, not forwarded e-mails.

Speaking of bad names, how about Magic Johnson?  I am sure many x-rated super heros have been disappointed to learn that their name has been taken by a former basketball player with AIDS.  I started to think that I am being too hard on the guy, he can’t help having the last name Johnson, but Michael Jordan didn’t need a nickname.  I propose we start calling the guy his real name, Earvin Johnson.  Maybe people with the last name of Johnson are destined to have horrible nicknames, just look at major league baseball player Randy Johnson, he tried to escape the whole Johnson thing, but ended up with a nickname just as terrible, “The Big Unit”, which has to do with his 6’10” frame, I guess.  

I researched why Johnson is often associated with men’s genitalia and I found the most awesome explanation:

Former US president Lyndon B Johnson was very well endowed, and was an exhibitionist.

He liked to expose himself, not so much for sexual gratification, but as a power play. Other men would be intimidated by the size of it.

He would also use it against people who he felt were too stuffy or uptight- such as holding meetings in the
bathroom while he sat on the toilet.

Guess what’s behind the book!

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