In the Company of Women

Howdy Cowpokes.

Friday night I jumped into my wife’s Hyundai Santa Fe SUV along with her sister and friend Melissa.  Within 10 minutes, I was neck deep in discussion around old episodes of Sex & the City.  It did not take long before I realized that I was just an atrophied extension of a girl’s night out, but good music and good food was in the equation, so I sat happily listening to a Mix CD while the girls debated Samantha’s contribution to the show.  We needed to determine a place to stop for our tailgating food, a quick vote determined Panera Bread was the best option. 

We got to the Wachovia Center parking lot and we enjoyed the food, Jaclyn even made cupcakes to celebrate Laurie’s birthday  An added bonus to Jaclyn’s pregnancy is that she makes one hell of a designated driver.  Melissa, Laurie, and I kicked a bottle of Jose Cuervo making unusual tasting Margaritas, one of which, I spilled all over the side of Jaclyn’s car. 

Tom Petty’s concert was exactly what you would expect.  Great song after great song, you’ve heard them a million times, but through the conduits of alcohol, thirty thousand people all feel the notes, sing along, and in at the very best moments, it was just a chorus of happiness. 

Saturday morning we headed to DC for a graduation party.  They had some blank pieces of paper where you were supposed to offer some advice, I wrote the following:

“Show up to all your classes and you’ll be fine.”

On Sunday, we went to visit Jaclyn’s friends’ new home.  Krissy and Don have bought a beautiful townhome in DC.  It made me happy to see two people completely excited about something, I’d be excited too, it’s a beautiful home in a great place. 

Tom Petty – every seat was filled

Laurie and Melissa – Free Falling

Jaclyn in Krissy and Don’s new home

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