Go Comcast Yourself

First order of business, an update on my leg.  It is 99% better, the scab’s about gone and it feels as good as new.  A day or two after the initial wound, I went through terrible pain every time I stood up.  I thought this might possibly be a result of infection or torn ligaments, but I think it was just blood flowing through the scraped up area.  Every time I would stand up for the first couple of days, horrible pain would rush into my leg, right around the abrasion, for anyone Googling “Terrible Leg Pain Abrasion Standing Up”, it’s going to be fine, just give it a week.

In my new apartment I got the Comcast Triple Play.  It works fine, in fact, I really like it.  I received my bill today and it was a little more than I expected, but not enough to really set off any alarms.  The bill said they wanted payment by month’s end.  I thought to myself, no problem, I’ll just register on the website and pay my bill.  I start going through the process, I enter my account information and click “Continue”, then a box pops up asking for my PIN number, I never received one, so I had to call 1-800-Comcast.  I called and got the operator, I told him I needed a PIN, they transferred me and during the transfer, I got disconnected. 

I called again, I got the operator, told them I needed a PIN and they transferred me, this time I got music for 15 minutes and then it just hung up. 

I went to the website and they had an option where I could have a “live chat” with someone where they could help me with any questions.  I initiate a “live chat” and ask the technician for a PIN number, he asks me 700 questions verifying my identity and says I will receive my PIN number via e-mail in about 5 minutes.  I said, “Thank you, that was really helpful”, he said, “Have a Comcastic Day!”

One hour goes by and I never receive an e-mail, I checked my spam folder and there’s nothing.  I was having a Comcastic Day alright, I felt like telling the technician to go Comcast himself. 

I call 1-800-Comcast again, I get the operator, I say, “I’ve been trying to get my PIN for two hours and I have been disconnected, I’ve been on hold for twenty minutes then disconnected, I’ve had technicians say they’ll e-mail me a PIN and then it never came, I am running out of patience, please get me a PIN!”  The operator said he’ll stay on the line with me as he transfers me to the department that gives out the PINs.  We wait on hold for about 15 minutes until he comes back onto the line and says, “I can’t get anyone to pick up the phone, they must be really busy, I suggest you call back later.”  I asked when to call back and he said around 2PM. 

I called back around 2PM, a person answered the phone and gave me the PIN within seconds.  No transfers. no holding, nothing, it was beautiful. 

I apologize for this long and boring story, but there’s two points I want to make:
1.  I will do anything possible to avoid interacting with people, I love paying bills and making account adjustments online.  It is disgusting how specialized everyone is becoming, it is a shame that you have to push 9 or 10 automated prompts so you can talk to the appropriate person, why not make everyone capable of talking about everything?
2.  Comcast customer service sucks.  I have no idea what Verizon Fios customer service is like, but it has to be better than Comcast, ceteris paribus, I’d go with Verizon.


For every single night for the past year and a half, Winston has worn me out.  The kid wakes me up in the middle of the night, wakes me up at 5AM, he screams like a rabid monkey, he throws his food all over the place, he requires constant supervision, he has always left me gasping for air.  Tonight he was tired and grumpy.  I went right for the jugular, I put him into his stroller and walked him into town, we went to the playground and played on the slides past dark.  He fell asleep in my arms on the way home.  I changed his diaper, cleaned his hands, face, and feet while he slept.  I was wide awake and he was beat.  It is quite a sense of accomplishment.  I finally feel like I can tire this guy out, but he’s got reinforcements coming in November. 

3 thoughts on “Go Comcast Yourself

  1. sometimes I read your blog and it makes me sick. you so stupid i eat A Pickle with extra olive oil. hello, stay on Hold. Stay on Hold, give me Password. Aaaaaa Ya. What have you? Pay Your Bill a ha yada. Pin Number, Pin cucumber.


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