Siren Records

I am part of the problem.  I used to be super intense about my music, now I just know what I love and keep it pretty simple.  I can throw on Oldie’s 98 on FM radio and be pretty happy with the old Soul and Motown music, I’m not the music elitist that I used to be.

Anyways, there was a day that I was very impatient and very cheap.  If Siren Records didn’t have the album I was looking for, I’d head down to Best Buy.  Sometimes, I would just bypass Siren altogether and head straight down to Best Buy for their low prices.   

I am pretty sure millions of other people did the same thing, we stopped going to the local stores and started hitting up the Best Buys, Walmarts, Targets, and Home Depots.  We put a lot of little guys out of business, not just for CDs, but for everything, tools, candy, books, etc.  America is looking very similar where ever you go, you see the same restaurants, the same stores, and the same people.  It’s a shame too because a lot of these big chain stores don’t sponsor little league teams, give money to fundraisers, and help out the local people in need, only the small mom and pop stores really do it.  I remember at Colby’s Memorial Run, all of the sponsors were small family owned businesses.  It’s just nice to see the store profit stay in the community and be reinvested into the community. 

Siren Records is holding little concerts with local bands (and international bands from what I hear), they have a knowledgable staff that’s passionate about their music, and the money goes back into the town.  In fact, their new location really adds a lot to our town as I noticed about 100 teenagers enjoying a death metal concert. 

They might not have the greatest selection, but it’s pretty good and they can order anything.  The average CD will set you back another $1 or $2, but it’s worth it, if you’re going to spend money, it’s nice to see it being returned back into your community. 

6 thoughts on “Siren Records

  1. You know Rob, I always looked up to you because of your knowledge on the “weird” music scene that soon became a passionate hobby of mine. Somehow, though, you always seemed to stay one step ahead of the crowd, even the weird underground crowd. Thats a challenge, and an accomplishment that I always envied. What I’m trying to say is that being a husband and father, soon to 2, seems to be taming your taste quite a bit. And that is sort of disappointing to someone like me. The cool thing for you, though, is that you get to see the student outgrow his teacher. I’ll do my best to keep as many people as I can in the loop, including a husband and father of 2.Thanks for the great time in the ol’ stompin’ grounds!


  2. Yeah, I’ve become quite the square. I’m in some weird purgatory, somewhere between an idealistic twenty something with music in his veins and a full-fledged adult with major responsibilities that result in compromise and realities. Music used to be one of my only zens, I was just working at a crap job right out of college, dating a girl who made me feel small, and then I would drive home with the windows down, cranking Reptilia by the Strokes and I would feel invincibly cool. Now, my zen comes from sharing a piece of pizza with Winston, walking into town with my family, and the occasional cold beer at a bar-b-que, I’m lucky, it’s a lot easier now for me to find happiness. The cool thing about music is, it’s like I have a huge cellar filled with the world’s greatest wines and they’re all tucked away on my itunes, I have so much already that I never feel like I’m deprived. The Velvet Underground, Otis Redding, Regina Spektor, Prince, Nirvana Unplugged, Jack Johnson, Ray Charles, Thelonious Monk, Dylan, Cash, Spoon, Wilco, Radiohead. I listen to it less, so it sounds so damn amazing when I pop it on. I look forward to you doing the dirty work and picking out some new tunes, it will be nice to have some wines that aren’t too dusty in my cellar.


  3. My band is probably the best one out there. Siren records asked us to play but I told them it was too dirty there. I was going to play with The Strokes also but they go on too late at night. I said to them Why don’t you go on around 5 pm right after the normal work day ends? Stubborn jerks.


  4. Hey Girl. I agree Siren is so low brow. I offered to do a benefit show there for Men with Breast Cancer and they wouldn’t put together enough money to pay me. I said I’m not doing this crap for free!! A girls gotta live right?


  5. SIREN UPDATESiren Records was shut down on friday! something about not paying rent. uh oh, this Doylestown landmark is in trouble!!!!


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