Hello loyal readers of Droppin’ Some Deem.  Since we’ve been talking a
lot about music lately, I figured I’d drop a couple B-Side blog
entries, nothing good enough to warrant a real post, but collectively,
they might be interesting to a couple rabid readers out there. 

Track 1.  My wife is going away this weekend.  When the cat’s away, the
mice will play…softball.  That’s right, I have a huge softball
tournament on Saturday and another game for my normal league on
Sunday.  Since my wife will be away on a girls getaway, I had to secure
two babysitters for the games (thank you Kate and Laurie).  I sometimes
think my wife is concerned about what crazy things I’ll get into when I
afforded additional freedom, all signs point to softball. 

Track 2.  When I’m not going to be playing softball, you will find me
at the playground with Winston or at the swimming pool in our apartment
complex.  If anyone wants to come over on Saturday night and join
Winston and I for dinner, you are more than welcome.  We might go to
Cafe America. 

Track 3.  My good friend has purchased a motorcycle.  It’s an all
black, classic looking beauty.  I would be the world’s most annoying
person if I had a motorcycle, because the absence of a motorcycle is
the only thing holding me back from becoming the second coming of
Arthur Fonzarelli.  That’s right, I have such a deep passion to become
the Fonz, you don’t know how much I struggle to keep myself from
walking into conference rooms thrusting my two thumbs out saying
“Aaay!!!!”  When I walk into a bar, I just want to give the jukebox a
smack and hear my favorite song start to play.  If I had a motorcycle,
I’d be jumping the shark on waterskies. 

Track 4.  Thursday and Friday I am going to the Ritz Carlton for work,
I am not staying the night, just hanging out in their conference
rooms.  I have never been to the Ritz, but I hear they have excellent

Track 5.  Winston now babbles complete sentences.  There’s not a real
word among it all, but he will look you in the eye and say, “Ga Ba Ey
MuMu Ki Tu Uh”

Track 6.  I want to buy a JJ Cale album, many of his songs have been
covered by Eric Clapton (After Midnight & Cocaine) and Leonard
Skynard covered (Call Me The Breeze), his version is always a lot more
mellow than the covered version.  Anyways, I am not sure where to buy
it since I have said that I want to stop buying things from the big
conglomerates.  Jaclyn recommended that I buy it from his website, but
it’s not on there either.  Any ideas? 

Track 7.  I ate at 5 Guys.  It is good, but not worth a special trip. 
If you were at some mythical intersection of purveyors of burgers,
Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, or Five Guys, I would choose 5 Guys,
but not by much. 

Track 8.  I read an article on ticks today, it nearly made me throw
up.  If you were ever curious about ticks and how they exist, you
should check it out:

Track 9.  I really like This American Life on NPR and Showtime, if you
haven’t heard or seen it, you really must, it’s the best way to pass a
half hour of time. 

Track 10.  The Phillies 6 game losing streak against American League
teams has made me think we won’t being seeing a parade down Broad
Street this year.

Track 11.  The only bad thing about Regency Woods is that there’s a small airport in Doylestown where little planes from the World War 2 era fly directly over our apartment, it sounds like Maverick and Goose buzzing the tower!

Secret Bonus Track that you have to fast forward another 14 minutes and
17 seconds to get to:  I can’t wait to see the Dark Knight, I think we
should try to go as a huge group.  I think that would be a lot of fun,
if we do, I’ll dress like the Fonz.

10 thoughts on “B-Sides

  1. Go to The Princeton Record Exchange, they are sure to have the album you are looking for. While I was home I was in search of some Marty Robbins Records and was pleased to find what every other record store was failing to provide. Be prepared to sift through a lot of other material, though. It’s a great way to pass an hour.Aaaay!


  2. In 1970, group settled on the name Leonard Skinnerd, a mocking tribute to a gym teacher at Robert E. Lee High School, Leonard Skinner, who was notorious for strictly enforcing the school’s policy against boys having long hair.The more distinctive spelling “Lynyrd Skynyrd” was adopted before they released their first album.Despite their high-school acrimony, the band developed a friendlier relationship with Skinner in later years, and invited him to introduce them at a concert in the Jacksonville Memorial Coliseum.


  3. I tried to Fonz. I don’t know, maybe he needed to hear it from you Fonz. I don’t want this to get out of hand. There’s only one you, and that’s you. I gotta get home. I’ll see you tomorrow Fonz.


  4. I know we live together and talk every day, and know eachother’s innermost thoughts and everything, but I would love to read a new blog.


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