Filing A Complaint

Okay, ticket prices are pretty steep, but that’s okay, it goes to a
couple of kids that were able to shoot the moon and become rock stars,
good for them. Here’s what I hate, weird charges. I was looking at
tickets for Radiohead and lawn seats were around $40 each. Then they
tacked on another $10 as a “convenience charge”, what other company out
there is tacking on $10 for making a transaction over the internet? In
addition to the convenience charge, you have a range of options on how
to get the tickets delivered to your home, if you select the option
where you just print them out on your printer, they’ll charge you $2.50
to print it out at your own home on your own printer! They should be
paying me! These people are absolute swine and poor Radiohead is going
to suffer the consequences, RKDeem will be listening to their free CD
at home. 
On a positive note, I went to Stehpanie’s last Saturday. There was an
awesome Raggae band there called the Raggamuffins.  They looked pretty absurd, the lead singer definitely looked like a Raggae singer, but the guitarist looked like he belonged in Pearl Jam and the drummer looked like a J Crew model.  They were really good though and the guitarist was awesome (awesome in the respect that he was playing with the Raggamuffins in Stephanie’s Lounge, he was Jimi Hendrix or anything, but he was the best free performance guitarist I have seen.  They’ll be back in town on August 22nd at Stephanie’s and a couple times in September, I would give my right arm to see them again, I really loved their performance.  I hope some of you chumps will join me to watch these guys next time they are around. 

6 thoughts on “Filing A Complaint

  1. Aiyee mate, Radiohead is gonna suffer eh? Like we need some freak blog writer at our shows. I should be charging you $2.50 for just thinking about my band.


  2. Hey Thom, feeling a little hurt about the mediocre review I gave you guys earlier this year? Or are you just upset that your name is spelled incorrectly, if it makes you feel better, you can call me Rhob.


  3. That’s how me mommy spelled my name, Rhob. If I had me way I would spell it S-T-U-D, but pronounced the same as Tom.


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