Summer Slam Continues!

Rival #19

Mac vs. PC – In one corner, you have the ol’ reliable PC that you’ve grown up with, she’s the lady you’ve been married to for 20 years, you and her were holding hands on the Oregon Trail back in Elementary School.  God damn, I loved Oregon Trail, if that was the only thing a PC ever accomplished, I’d stay faithful to her.  You know the desktop, you know how to create folders, and you’re a freaking hero when it comes to PowerPoint.

On the other hand, you have Mac who’s stylish, sleek, and filled with neat programs for editing movies, music, and designing birthday cards.  Mac was way, way, way behind in sales behind PC, but then they adapted Microsoft Office and people who weren’t graphic designers figured they could give the pretty computer a shot.  

The winner is easily the PC. Good lord it would be cool to have a computer that slid into an envelop, but do you really need it?  It’s not like you’re sending your computer through inter-office mail, you’re not designing a feature film, or doing anything other than listening to you iTunes and checking e-mail.  Save yourself $500 and pick up a cheap PC, it even comes with the software that is making Mac popular again (MS Office).

Deem’s 19th Favorite Band

White Stripes – I will buy any album the White Stripe release.  I don’t care for any other band featuring Jack White, just give me the White Stripes.  When Jack White has the spotlight entirely focused on him, he delivers the most awesome guitar solos, intense vocals, and it feels like a dog backed into a corner. 

Standout Track:  Ball & a Biscuit – Deep and rich bluesy riffs, unintelligible lyrics, and guitar solos that kick you in the teeth. 

4 thoughts on “Summer Slam Continues!

  1. while i choose white stripes over racontuers anyday, the new Raconteurs album is great if you start about half way through (the 1st half is similar to the first album which was blah). in fact i like it more than some of the more recent white stripes.ok, so if you don’t believe me at least get the song Carolina Drama, the last song on the latest Raconteurs album. It is totally freakin great. Tells a story, great riffs, has some mystery and leaves you wanting more. i’ve listened to it many times in a row trying to figure it out. i won’t ruin it for you but i would be curious to hear what other people think about the song and what is going on during it. on the mac vs. pc subject check out the ranconteurs website. it has the look of the old macs we used to use to play the Oregon Trail back in the day. cool stuff! (and annoying at the same time) love all of my fans,Eddie


  2. you should probably change the name of your little blog contest if you don’t want to be sued by the wwe who has trademarked Summerslam.Have some respect man.


  3. Mac vs PC, and you choose PC!? What the hell is the matter with you? These are the words of an obvious PC user with very little experience with Macs. The differences span far greater than that of the macbook air. That little thing is about my least favorite piece of hardware mac has available for sale. It’s completely impractical, and borders on being a toy. That was kinda the point of it. If you can build it, someone will buy it. So why notYou get what you pay for in the computer world. Try buying a mac and you will have a cutting-edge piece of hardware for many years.You’re biased opinion as someone with little or no mac experience should be addressed.


  4. you failed to mention one reason why a mac is better than a PC. The fact is, most people just use MS Office, they browse the internet, and if they are really savvy, they can use Adobe Photoshop, all of these things can be done on a PC that costs a lot less and has comparable performance.


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