The Wedding & More Rivalry

Hello Readers of the Blog!  I am supposed to be boarding a flight right now, instead I am sitting in Gate C108 in Newark, NJ waiting for a new flight.  If you check my last posting, in the comments section, I mention that I’m leaving early to head down to Atlanta.  Unfortunately, that flight was canceled and now I’m stuck waiting for a flight that will take off close to 11AM.  What really sucks about this whole deal is that I had to wake up at 4:50AM to make it here in time for my flight, sleeping in was highly desirable after a long weekend filled with wedding partying. 

Speaking of the wedding, it was a beautiful event held in Sharon, PA (or there abouts).  Sharon is very close to the Ohio border, north of Pittsburgh.  Despite being in the middle of nowhere, the church and reception were grand and elegant.  What amazed me about the wedding was how much we danced, several people complained of aching legs and blistered feet the following day, we were all cutting a rug.  I love it when Jaclyn has the opportunity to dance, it’s one of her favorite things and it shows, she was one hot and tenacious dancer, despite being pregnant in heels.  

We partied well into Sunday morning after the wedding, resulting in a very difficult car ride later that same morning back across the state of Pennsylvania. 

I would have loved to have slept in this morning, as I feel like I am still recovering.

Random Notes:
Siren Records is back in business
.  It is my understanding that they are back in business thanks to the overwhelming generosity of their patrons.  Business had glass bowls accepting donations on Siren’s behalf, benefit concerts were held, and some people just stopped the owner on the street and handed him money.  It’s good to know those kids who love music can get back to their business of being cool, lord knows there’s already enough squares walking the streets of Doylestown already.  

The blog is almost 1 year old!  On August 7th, the blog will be 1 year old.  We’re averaging over 200 hits a week and I think it’s still growing.  More to come on this subject.

Rivalry #16
Best scenic getaway in Bucks County.  We have some beautiful places in Bucks County.  We have the wing damn in New Hope, we have High Rocks, Lake Nockamixon, Lake Galena, and a little place I like to call Mavericks in Frenchtown.  On most days you can’t go wrong with any of these places, but the word’s out about most of them and they are starting to generate some riff raff.  

Wing Damn – The raw power of the might Delaware being funneled through two cement arms creates a serene white noise that lets you concentrate on your own thoughts or an intimate conversation with a friend.   You can also swim in some spots away from the main channel and enjoy the pristine clear water. 
Cons – It’s a hot spot and on most evenings and weekends you’ll compete over prime areas and swim holes. 

High Rocks – Isolated trail cutting through a forest along a steep cliff overlooking the Tinicum Creek.  Magnificent views in the fall as the leaves create a stained glass window that goes for miles.  If you take the trail far enough, you can find some spots of solitude, but you better have a friend who doesn’t mind trekking a long distance up steep hills. 
Cons – Watch out for falling rock climbers!  1 or 2 novice climbers sans proper equipment typically take the plunge each year.  Also, once you exit the main path on the other end of the trail, you can usually find a vagabond camp site complete with a Budweiser can graveyard. 

Lake Nockamixon – Beautiful lake with tons of great trails to explore.  Great picnic areas for the family to enjoy.  My favorite part of Lake Nockamixon is the marina, go onto the docks with a loaf of bread and sprinkle pieces into the water, after awhile, giant carp come swimming up and you see mammouth fish quite easily. 
Cons – Have you been hearing about all the weird indecent stuff going on in these parts?  There’s been a recent crackdown to discourage it, but if I am going there, I am making sure I bring a woman to fend these guys off:

Lake Galena – People like to walk around this lake, but I am not a huge fan.  Too much goose poop. 

Mavericks in Frenchtown – This is my winner.  If you want to truly disappear and not have to worry about huge groups of people, you want to have ample space to yourself, this is the place for you.  Take the scenic drive up river road, cross into Frenchtown, and make a left onto Hamilton.  Make a left onto 12th Street and park at the dead end.  Make a right on the river path and go down to the river when you can.  It has these huge slabs of rock where you can lay down comfortably on a blanket and get some sun.  The rocks extend way out into the river so you can go swimming with bare feet and not have to worry about sharp rocks.  The current keeps the water fresh and clean, but it’s not fast enough to worry the average swimmer.  If you were really ambitious, you could easily lug a small grill down there too.  If I had to recommend one place, this would be it.  I wouldn’t recommend it to really old people or if you were planning for a huge group.  I would say 8 people are the max and only go if you plan on swimming. 

RKDeem’s 16th Band
Otis Redding – This guy has some awesome music, the original version of “Respect”, “Hard to Handle” and he has the classic song, “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay”.  He has an incredible voice and he defines soul music.  He died in a plane crash before he could record many records, so you only have a little to work with, but luckily for us, he crammed a lot of greatness in those albums.  Standout Track/Performance – I’ll lend it to you if you want or just come over and watch it, Otis had an amazing performance at the Monterey Pop Festival and it didn’t include any slow songs, it was a feverish, sweaty, and raucous performane filled with stomping and screaming.  Please don’t hesitate to borrow this from me, plus, you can see Jimi light his guitar on fire. 

5 thoughts on “The Wedding & More Rivalry

  1. it’s such torture waiting for the top 20 countdown. its a good torture though. its like when espn did it’s top 100 athletes of the century and it was spaced out so much that you just craved the next pick and it caused debate as to who was coming next. obviously i don’t think the rest of the country is spending time debating your next pick, but still.i think after each new pick you should list the previous picks in order so that readers can kind of follow the happenings in case they missed one or can’t remember the last one. make that happen please. i don’t remember the whole list off the top of my head do like so:#20 – white stripes#19 – postal servicealso give us a drum roll before each unveiling. thanks.


  2. I don’t think it is fair that Siren is back in business. If I owned that building I would not let them rent from me anymore, 350,000 is quite a large misunderstanding. How does one not notice they haven’t paid their rent in like a year? Anyway, love your blog!!!


  3. good call Laurie. my guess is eventually Siren will be back in debt to the owner and this time the owner won’t give them so much leeway (sp?). I give them another year before they are gone for good. or at least move to another location. the spot they have now has got to be super expensive compared to the old place and there is no way they can afford to be on the main strip of yuppie doylestown. instead of donating money to siren lets go there and start stealing things and breaking things so they go out of business quicker.


  4. The $350,000 was for the entire length of the lease (which was 3 years), they were only $30,000 behind on rent (still a lot, I know). They have paid the $30,000 in back rent and are allowed to be there through August. At the end of August they are required to move out into a new location.


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