The Dead Fish In Atlanta

I have made it to Atlanta, just in time for a team building event held in a bowling alley.  We basically just bowled and drank beer, but in some strange way, it seemed to have built stronger teams.  I have never bowled over 100, but today things just clicked tonight and I managed a 114.  I was beat by several women which sort of made it less climatic, especially the woman who rolled the ball so slowly it barely made it down the lane, bouncing off of each pin until they were all knocked over. 

I am staying at the Embassy Suites in Buckhead, Atlanta.  It’s beautiful inside, huge room, and great service.  In fact, there’s a big stream that goes through the hotel’s ground floor with bridges and it is pretty amazing.  There’s huge catfish and carp swimming in the stream, but one of them is laying on its side at the bottom, very dead and kind of depressing.  I guess that’s the risk you take when you have a fish. 

Rivalry #15
Real Life vs. Fantasy – This is really tough.  On Xbox 360, I’ve won the Super Bowl, beaten Tiger Woods in golf, and brought down an entire terrorist army single-handedly.  In addition, I own and manage a fantasy football team filled with some of the most talented NFL players.  Real life is really pretty boring in comparison, I played high school football and baseball, and at present, I manage and play for a slow pitch softball team.  Not too mention, I have to work in real life.  Fantasy is damn good, it feels great to win the Madden championship, it would feel great to win my Fantasy Football league, but it only feels really good when these things are recognized in the real world.  I think it’s really tough to pick fantasy over reality because you can’t escape reality in the long term, but those brief injections of fortune, fame, recognition, and dignity, really bring a lot to my day.  Sometimes my slow-pitch softball team starts getting really confident and deep down inside, we start to think we are something very special and I like that feeling, I embrace that feeling.  I like thinking we’re doing something amazing, that I have a role to play, we’re just a bunch of good friends who are trying to live a dream.  With all that being said, reality is better than fantasy because I have a hot babe for a wife and it is very cool making out with her.  

RKDeem’s #15 Band
Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs – Music is not necessarily about talent, it’s not about who has the best producer, it’s about whether you think the singer actually feels what he/she is singing.  I believe Karen O (the lead singer), her music is like stepping on a King Cobra snake.  Standout Track – Cheated Hearts.  I just love when she says, “Sometimes I think that I’m bigger than the sound”, she is. 

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