Rumble In The Jungle

It’s weird how your fingers change sizes.  Women probably have known this for a long time, but I never noticed until I started wearing a wedding ring.  Some days, my ring is loose, some days my ring is tight, my fingers get big and small. 

We’re going to the Midway Carnival tonight.  I always lose $20 in gambling when I go to Midway Carnival. 

Rivalry #14
People Who Endorse Evolution vs. People Who Hate Evolution

This one is simple, evolution happens, it has been proven without a doubt.  The problem is, there’s the whole chicken or the egg thing, how can people evolutionize without something creating the universe to begin with.  It is the predicament that makes me feel very small and unknowledgeable about my given circumstances.  It is very funny that we have all kinds of stuff, TV shows, religion, jobs, education, but no one really knows why the heck we are on this planet or why this planet is here to begin with.  These people are rivals, but the truth is, they are both right. 

RKDeem’s #14 Band
Jack Johnson –
He hasn’t done anything that has been overly impressive.  There hasn’t been an album where Jack Johnson has delivered a performance a musical entrée that was diverse and creatively progressive, but he does what he does at an excellent level.  I don’t have a standout track, just throw in any album of his and fire up the grill, grab a beer, and enjoy. 

6 thoughts on “Rumble In The Jungle

  1. All I know for sure about where evolution and religion intersect is that I have over 1 gigabyte of bob dylan music in my iTunes.


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