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Rivalry #12
Wawa vs. 7-11 – Wawa wins, no discussion necessary.

Any time I tell people that I’m not voting, people get all worked up.  I
just don’t care about it all, I am more concerned about my own decisions and
the decisions of my family and friends, then the decisions of Obama or
McCain.  What about the war?  I don’t like the stupid war, but you
don’t see me fighting in it and I won’t be signing up anytime soon.  What
about the economy?  The economy sucks for hedge fund managers and people
who bought Mcmansions with adjustable rate mortgages.  Neither candidate
seems overly concerned with raising minimum wage or helping the truly fucked
people living in horrible poverty and have no light shining down to escape
it.  People act like we need to be subservient to one of these two
candidates, these candidates should be subservient to us.

We went to the zoo this weekend.  It was an absolute blast and really well
run.  They had every animal that you’d want to see and all of them were
close enough to thoroughly inspect.  Peacocks just roamed around, Winston
chased one into some bushes.  We were there for 3 hours and still didn’t
see the whole thing, we have a great zoo.  The thing is, the zoo is right
next to the most horrible neighborhood I’ve seen since I went to Temple University
in Northern Philadelphia.  All the houses
had boarded up windows, if the windows weren’t boarded up, they were just open
to the elements letting the July sun shine through the second floor, on rainy
days, it must just fill up with water.  People live in these houses, we
walked right by them on our way to the zoo.  It’s almost like the zoo, you
just stare at it, so exotic, so foreign…caged in, being observed, and you’re
scared as hell to reach in because they’d bite you. 

There’s been a lot of talk about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, this is an
awesome policy.  I wondered what the policy was before the “Don’t
Ask, Don’t Tell”.  What’s the reprocussions of telling?  Do you
get booted right away?  If you were scared in Iraq, or just wanted to get out of
there real bad, could you just act gay and get sent home?  What happens if
you ask?  Is asking as bad as telling?

RKDeem’s #12 Band
Kanye West – Kanye is not the greatest of all time, but two out of his first three
albums have been damn good.  What separates Kanye from the pack is that
his lyrics are entertaining and he’s not just thumping drums and base, he’s
piling in stylings from all over the music universe.  He’s arrogant,
opinionated, and he thinks the white man is responsible for everything that’s
wrong with this planet, but it’s just awesome music.  This top 20 list is really about what I’ve been listening to in the last 5 years and he’s getting a heavy rotation.  Standout Track –
Listening to Jaclyn sing Jesus Walks.  You haven’t lived until you’ve
heard it.

10 thoughts on “The Zoo

  1. Not depressed, it’s just the Kanye coming out in me! Would love to have you over for some dinner. I can blog about your meal.


  2. I was looking at the forum, and saw about the raggamuffins on kates bday at stephanies. that sounds fun! also, id really love to open a wawa, do you know if it is a franchise? i wonder how much it would cost to open one. okay love the blog!!!!


  3. although i have to agree that wawa beats out 7-11 in the rivalry department, i would like to point out some of the redeeming qualities that 7-11 has. 1.) Slurpees. The obvious thing that has kept 7-11 going all of these years. Others try, but nobody really duplicates the consistency and flavor 7-11 provides. 2.)Choice of Slurpee cups. It seems there is always some kind of slurpee promotion going on and you have the opportunity to get your slurpee in a hard plastic cup that can be reused again at home. when i was little it was baseball cups. this summer i got about 6 3-D cups of the Incredible Hulk and Ironman. they are cool to look at and I reuse them at home.3.) Girlie magazines. Wawa doesn’t sell them and you can’t get them in the mall. ok, so i don’t buy them, but it’s cool to walk by the magazine rack and imagine what might be under the black plastic cover.4.) Indians. All 7-11’s are owned by Indians. This always makes for some kind of controversy you can tell your friends about. It might be that he has a turban, or you didn’t undertand what he was saying, or you insulted him to his face and he didn’t even know it, or he charged you 10 dollars extra until you explained to him 10 times over that you didn’t want to buy the cigarretes that were on the counter. Or they incompentent, smell or are dirty. It all makes for a good time. 5.) Lotto Tickets – Wawa doesn’t have them, but 7-11 does. Dave Seeton was thinking about getting into playing the lottery. 6.) hot dogs, sausages and mexican things that have been on the spinning griller for over 24 hours straight. this one goes along with #4 above. who doesn’t like to look at how burnt these things are and wonder who is actually going to eat them. i’m guessing the workers do instead of throwing them out. we should have a contest to see who can consume the most of these. 7.) the customers. because 7-11 is not the prefered convenience store of the bucks county area it tends to attract a lower class of people. no teeth, grease on their faces, flannel shirts with cut off jean shorts, fat women in half shirts and tank tops, a mom with her 3 dirty kids. i’ve seen people go in without shoes or socks on and i’ve seen men go in without shorts like they are at the beach or something. again, always makes for great controvery and a story. I have two more big reasons to attend 7-11. but i am running out of characters and i am getting tired of typing. If anyone is intrigued please respond and i will reveal the surprise ending tomorrow. but you’ve got to want it.


  4. Laurie, I plan on going out on the town for my birthday & maybe having cake/drinks before… you and everyone else are more than welcome to join the festivities.


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