Best of the Worst Bars In Doylestown

Not much for RKDeem to report, but we’ll keep the list moving forward.  I made hotel reservations for Ithaca on the week of August 15th, looking forward to diving into Buttermilk Falls. 

My friends Jen and Jay just got back from their honeymoon.  Isn’t honeymoon the most beautiful word?  Here’s the etymology offered by Websters:

“the idea that the first month of marriage is the sweetest” (1546)

I really like this explanation of the word’s origin and hopefully we can hook the happy couple up with some mead on the 22nd:

In many parts of Europe it was traditional to supply a newly married couple with enough mead for a month, ensuring happiness and fertility. From this practice we get honeymoon or, as the French say, lune de miel[4][5]

Rivalry #9 – Best Worst Bar In Doylestown
There’s a couple of places that come to mind when I think of the worst bars in Doylestown.  Finny’s, the Amber Inn, or the Moose.  Finny’s and Amber Inn are very similar, but the Amber Inn has a couple more pool tables, bars, and space that generally goes unused.  I prefer Finny’s vertical orientation (two-stories), it keeps everyone close together and they don’t open the second floor unless there’s enough people to justify it.  Finny’s also offers better bands and a great karaoke guy.  The Amber is always terribly smokey which is a turnoff for me.  Finny’s over the Amber.  So that leaves Finny’s vs. the Moose.  The Moose wins if you’re going with a good group of friends because the beer’s cheap and they bring in some good musicians.  Unfortunately, the Moose can really be lame, quiet, smokey, and somewhat depressing if you’re going with one other person and no band performing.  In general, I think Finny’s beats out the Moose slightly, but all of these bars are on the bottom rung and I’d try to avoid them if you could. 

I hope everyone’s keeping August 22 open for the great ol’ Doylestown bar crawl, starting with Stephanie’s to check out my favorite free band, The Raggamuffins,

RKDeem’s #9 Band
The Strokes – I loved their first two albums, didn’t care for their third album.  Songs are catchy, high-energy, and filled with confidence.  I have three standout tracks:  Someday – catchy, pop tune.  Alone Together – crazy frenzy rock tune.  Reptilia – a combination of them both.

20.  Postal Service
19.  White Stripes
18.  Regina Spektor
17.  Louis Prima
16.  Otis Redding
15.  Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs
14.  Jack Johnson
13.  Led Zeppelin
12.  Kanye West
11.  Wilco
10.  Weezer
9.  The Strokes


7 thoughts on “Best of the Worst Bars In Doylestown

  1. Wow, I totally forgot about Muggs, that’s how bad Muggs is. There are several things that stink about Muggs.1. The parking lot can barely accommodate two bicycles and a golf cart.2. There’s 1 bathroom and the door’s always being yanked and pulled by some drunken roid user who’s oblivious to the fact that you are already in there.3. It’s a crappy location.4. It brings nothing to the table, it’s not the cheapest, it’s not the nicest, it is amazing that the place is even in business. God I hate Muggs, it is definitely the worst of the worst bars in Doylestown.


  2. 7-11 The ideal experience:its getting late for a Thursday nite at the Maple Glen Tavern for me and my buddy Matt McG (looks like the afgani ambassador). Matt has had a few too many so i suggest we take a romantic walk to the Sev down the street for some grub so that he sobers up a little before driving we get there and drunkenly spend about 20 minutes making our selections while talking about where we get our haircuts at. i get a slurpee, my first of the super hero cups. so i’m looking for chips or something like that and i come across the combos aisle. i like combos. i also really enjoy breakfast food. so what grabs my attention? bacon, egg and cheese flavored combos!! GOLDEN! my new discovery!! i have visions of making this the official snack of The Edman. endorsements deal and commercials are in my future.we go to pay and its the tallest indian man i’ve ever seen in person. he has this huge half indian afro that is kind of lop sided like he has been laying down.he tells me that if i bring my super hero cup back he’ll give me a discount on the slurpees. he insists that he’ll remember me. yeah, he starts telling us how he REALLY has to go to the bathroom. i mean he is like jumping around and wiggling because he can’t contain himself. he is kind of rushing through the check out and out the door. i’m thinking hey, when you gotta pee you gotta pee. we go outside and the guy has now locked the front doors and posted an unintelligible note to the customers. something like:wait for store gone soonwith a phone # posted and signs his name in letters i don’t think are in our alphabet.he sprints to the back to presumably use the bathroom as we giggle. locking up and posting a note probably means my man isn’t peeing. the Hostages were about to be Released and let’s just say these hostages have been we’re hanging outside the Sev Elev when a big truck pulls into the front. spends some time carefully backing in so that he’s up to the front door. gets out open the truck’s door, pulls out the ramp and takes out his first haul of sodas. gets to the door and realizes it’s locked and reads the note. we tell him that the Indian guy is taking a dump. confused he goes “he’s taking a shit?” after a few moments of cursed anger he continues unloading the truck leaving stacks of soda carts on the front walkway. the guy looks tired like it’s the end of a long day and here he is outside a 7-11 closed on account of pooping.the next person to pull in is a young girl around mid 20s that looks like she’s on a her way to a dive bar. gets to the door as we inform her of the dump. she yanks at the door anyway and curses so much a nudist would blush. her problem? “Shit. I need to get cigarrettes!!! Asshole!!!”directly after her is a guy in his late 30’s that looks to be in business clothes like he either just came from work or a post work get together. to be continued…


  3. picking up where we left off last episode…directly after her is a guy in his late 30’s that looks to be in business clothes like he either just came from work or a post work get together. he looks tired and worn from the day and just kind of shrugs when he finds out the situation. so now the 5 of us are just standing outside 7-11 as we ponder the whole situation and make small talk. we’re going on 15 minutes here. we have a trucker trying to get home for the night. the pissed off girl that can’t get cigarettes anywhere else in town, the normal guy resigned to a life of mediocrity and an intoxicated Edman and Matt McG.The girl gets so pissed that she calls the phone # from the note on the door! i’m thinking, yeah right it probably just calls the phone behind the counter. WRONG. she connects directly to the 7-11 indian WHILE HE’s ON THE BOWL DROPPING BOMBS!!! and she yells at him!!!!”WHEN THE HELL ARE YOU GONNA BE DONE! THIS IS BULLSHIT!! GET THE HELL OUT HERE!!”within 30 seconds my man is at the door looking totally disheveled, like the hostages have turned on him. the door opens and just like that all tension subsides and everyone carries on with their business. the whole thing reminded me of the movie Magnolia or Crash. here we are 5 people from different walks of life, our paths converging by some random occurence and we will be forever linked in each others legacies even though we may never intersect again.but what about those bacon, egg and cheese combos you ask? to be continued…


  4. I am disappointed in myself for saying that there was no discussion needed to determine the Wawa vs. 7/11 rivalry. After much discussion, it seems like 7/11 holds a special place in our hearts, filled with adventure and personality. After much thought, I still think Wawa is the best convenience store.


  5. You did what you thought was appropriate RK. I was once in 7-11 and people kept asking me where the frozen fish department was. How funny!


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