Whoa – Too Many Entries – Slow Down RKDeem

Someone forwarded me this the other day, I cried I was laughing so hard.  I found the images from the forward on www.listoftheday.com , I am not taking credit, just trying to share something hilarious!

Photobombing – Intentionally turning up in the background of
other people’s photographs with the goal of ruining them now has a
name: Photobombing.
I do this daily, unintentionally, walking
along Canal Street to work, but the art of the photobomber is appearing
in the background at just the right moment and with just the right

I love this picture, it’s like this wite guy was telported into this picture

By the way, read Ed’s 7/11 story under the posting about The Best of the Worst Bars In Doylestown

38 thoughts on “Whoa – Too Many Entries – Slow Down RKDeem

  1. i’m glad you asked about the combos, Rob. lets pick up after Matt McG and i were shuffled out of the 7-11.so we get outside and i rip open the first of what i expect to be many bags of Bacon Egg & Cheese Combos. i pop a combo in my mouth and my world stops for a second. every flavor that i had tasted throughout the evening – french fries, buffalo wings, miller lite, yagermeister, blue cheese dressing and my slurpee have now been quickly overcome, forgotten, buried and crucified by the absolute worst tasting snack food a person could ever imagine. do you know at thanksgiving when you are so full yet you have another bite and while you’re chewing you realize you are so full that you might not finish what’s in your mouth? this is what eating a Bacon Egg & Cheese Combo is like. you want to immediately stop chewing and turn off your taste buds. the bag cost like $2.75. i was pissed.i look at my buddy. he was the reason we were there, i was trying to sober him up before he drove home. here he was all smug staring off into space while enjoying his sour cream and onion potato chips. God, how i wish i had those chips right now. if it meant giving him the keys and putting him in his car right then i would have done it. so i say “hey matt, i’m not too in to these. you wanna do a trade?” matt McG not knowing any better in his current state of mind whole heartedly agrees to the swap. it was the happiest moment of my night. it was like trading steve tow for Chase Utley. i was happier than Kane when he’s eating Taco Bell. so i down those chips in about a minute. Matt McG tries the BE&C Combos and i get to watch the whole process that took ahold of me just minutes before. the bulging eyes and sour face. the expetives. the words “these taste like shit” were said a few times. he amazingly (drunkenly) manages to gulp down about 3 or 4 of these before finally giving up, not any more sober than he was 15 minutes ago. i don’t offer a refund.then well, you know the rest. truck driver, crazy girl and tired guy show up and we all wait for the 7-11 indian pooper to finish up his business. then i send matt on his merry way back home. hey, as long as i didn’t have to eat those combos i didn’t care how drunk the guy was driving home. moral of the story. Don’t mix breakfast food with combos. It could save your life.


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