Bobby Simone’s in Doylestown

We had a baby sitter on Saturday night (thanks Mom & Dad!) and Jaclyn and I decided to go on a date.  We hit up Ooka for a great dinner (review is now posted in the forum page – please sign up and post your own reviews, start up your own discussions, maybe I’ll set up a Combo’s category for Ed) and then went into town for some conversation and drinks.  I just love being able to walk into town, especially after eating a nice meal, it feels good to breath, talk, and get the blood flowing, sending the nutrients all over the body. 

We ended up a Bobby Simone’s – formerly Blue 52, and ran into a bunch of old friends.  I think I knew 85% of the people hanging out there and it was great to see them all.  People just overflowed out of the indoor bar and spilled into the tables and alley outside.  The band was great, the bartenders were friendly, and it was nice to run into some old friends.  Around 11PM we had to get home and relieve our babysitters and as we were leaving, my sister was just showing up, it is important that we have constant Deem representation at Billy Simone’s! 

On Friday night we watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  I got really annoyed because the broadcasters kept infusing politics and this whole bit about China being a young country and volatile country and they almost seemed surprised when things went accordingly.  It was a little long, but overall, it was one of the most impressive displays I have ever witnessed, I was humbled and I think the broadcasters were too, an amazing show of scale, precision, beauty, and honor. 

Rivalry #8
Best of the Best Bars in Doylestown
I think this comes down to what you’re looking to do, what your goals are, and how many people you’re with. 
Stephanie’s – Pros – Nice bar, decent amount of room, good location, it’s dark, it’s loud, usually good music, and the prices are fairly reasonable.  Cons – it’s underground (that irks me for some reason), it’s dark, it’s loud. 
Summary – It’s a place I’d go to see the world’s greatest band, The Raggamuffins, or a place I’d go when I’m already drunk.  Not a place for a first date.

Puck –  Pros – Nice bar, fancy, awesome outdoor seating with a laid back feel.  Good location, the outdoor area has no cover charge, and you can actually have a conversation there without shouting.  Cons – What’s the deal with their ridiculous cover charges for concerts.  They typically charge $20 to $25 to see no name bands.  I guess people are paying because they haven’t lowered the cover charge in a couple of years, but I’ll stay outside until they do. 
Summary – Best place to go if you want to have a relaxing drink outside, maybe a first date place or a place to hang with some well behaved co-workers. 

The Other Side – Pros – This place gets jam packed with all walks of life.  The music is thumping, they have an auxillary bar on packed nights where you can grab Coor’s Lights out of a tub filled with ice, and they have specials when the Phillies are on.  Cons – They only have 1 bathroom.  Similar cons as Stephanie’s.  It’s above ground so a little more welcoming.  To get to the bathroom, you have to slink along a bunch of occupied bar stools that are so close to the wall, the skinniest person alive would still inadvertantly rub up against every seated patron on their journey to the stall. 

Bobby Simone’s – It’s basically a combination of The Other Side & Puck – Not quite a fancy bar (although it has an upscale menu) and not quite the wild party scene found at The Other Side. 

Overall, I think the best place to go is Stephanie’s.  If you want to party it up and dance, you can certainly do it, but it’s dark enough and big enough to escape on some chair away from everyone and hold a private conversation, plus I saw the Raggamuffins there and just thinking about it makes me happy!

RKDeem’s #8 Band
The Who –
I don’t really listen to the Beatles or the Rolling Stones very much anymore.  I still listen to the Who.  I really owe my obsession of them to one song, “A Quick One While He’s Away”.  It’s a real long song that goes through a bunch of different styles and genres.  It’s actually a pretty weird and sloppy song, but for whatever reason, it is so pure, it is so ambitious, it breaks into such a wonderful climax, I feel like this song justifies their other music.  You know these guys are rock stars.  They were broke when they wrote this song and there was a part where they wanted to add cellos, they couldn’t afford cellos, so they just repeatedly sing, “cello, cello, cello, cello, etc.” (at 4:57 on the video clip).  Watch the clip to see Peter Townsend’s windmill guitar playing, watch this clip to see Roger Daultry swing his microphone, watch Keith Moon make Animal look like a tame drummer (Keith died by overdosing on horse tranquilizers), watch this clip to see the perfect rock band climax.  The song is from their rock opera Tommy, this particular song is about a wife who’s husband is away at war.  She thinks he is dead because he’s been away for years without correspondence.  She has an affair with Ivor the Engine Driver because she thinks her husband is dead.  Husband returns, there’s a confrontation, then the husband forgives her.  “You are forgiven, forgiven, forgiven, forgiven, forgiven”  It takes awhile to get there, but it’s incredible when it does.  The climax of this song was used in the movie, Rushmore. 

The Who is a great band with about a CD’s worth of incredible music, but you know the standards.  Look this song up and be patient, it’s worth it.  This a rock band playing like they are having the time of their lives.

2 thoughts on “Bobby Simone’s in Doylestown

  1. Rob, we will see any Olympic rivalry coverage? Right now I see that the US is losing to China for most gold medals. I find this unacceptable. I hope to see some coverage of the Olympics at RK Deem Report soon.


  2. I have watched a lot of swimming and gymnastics, nothing has been that stirring yet. I think I would really enjoy the ping-pong, but they don’t show it on TV because the US sucks at ping pong (except for the Gump era where we excelled). I heard that might be broadcasting some of the less popular sports on the internet, I will try to check them out and let you know which ones are worth watching. I saw some women’s handball and it wasn’t very interesting.


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