Madden 09 Review

What’s Up Peeps?

What’s up with me?  I’ll tell you, I just picked up my copy of Madden 09 from Gamestop at the midnight launch event.  I am exhausted, so I will keep it brief and let the pictures do the talking. 

My initial review of the game is as follows:

When you load up the game, a holographic John Madden appears and asks you to take some virtual skills test to assess your Madden skills.  I am the reigning Madden champion so I figured that I would be the Ken Jennings of Madden and ace the test.  I was sort of confused and initially scored a 468, which is below the baseline level of 500 that they start you at.  I tried the test again and bumped up to 538.  I was ready to move on and experience some real live gameplay. 

I did an exhibition game, I was the Eagles and played the New York Giants.  As a default, they set the computer’s skill level to match your abilities on the Madden test.  This made the game really challenging, challenging to the point that I could not generate any offense or defense.  The computer made me it’s biz-nitch!  I turned the skill level to All-Pro to give myself a better shot at a decent competition, no dice, I still could not generate yardage. I would typically start out with a 8 yard run up the gut, but then I couldn’t find a play to my fullback, and I would end up getting a delay of game penalty.  I would also try passing plays that worked well in the past, nothing worked, I am going to have to start from scratch in order to defend my title as Madden champion. 

Here’s some observations:

  • The field seems bigger, I think if you make people miss, you will break some big plays, especially on running plays and special teams
  • The players seemed a tad slower
  • Pass protection was inadequate (maybe because I was playing the fearsome Giants with their outstanding defensive line
  • Commentators!  We finally have commentators and I’ve never been so happy to hear Chris Collinsworth
  • For the first time in years, running the ball seems easier than passing 
  • Lots of dropped passes for my Eagles
  • Less blitzing plays in the defensive playbook, I doubt this year’s online league will turn into a blitz fest, the defensive line seems to get plenty of pressure without it though

Here’s some photos from tonight.

7 thoughts on “Madden 09 Review

  1. How pissed must have EA Sports been when Favre signed with the Jets. Is a backup cover really that hard to plan??? Someone definitely lost their job.I’m looking forward to kicking some tight end this year.


  2. It is now 2:30PM, I am really dragging, maybe staying up to 1:30AM playing Madden wasn’t the best idea. I had a dream last night that I was bit by a posionous snake. I wonder what is means?


  3. I once killed a poinsonous snake with my bare hands. It had bit me twice and my legs swelled up three times the size. The doctor said I had a real good immune system, usually he would send people right into surgery. After 2 days the swelling went down but I was in bed and didn’t eat or drink a thing for a week.


  4. The first game I played in Madden I took on the 100th ranked player in the world and only lost by 6 points. I would have beat him if my internet connection wasm’t breaking.


  5. Love Madden 09. Madden is my favorite game to play ever. It rarely comes out of my playstation, and when it does its only for a little call of duty. The graffics were definitely upgraded on this year’s edition, AND my main man Brett Farve got the cover shot. I will see you guys online for a little gridiron one on one. Bring it!Lester


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