Best Place for Coffee In Doylestown

This will have to be a quick entry, I need to get to work early today.  I’m leaving for a long weekend in Ithaca tomorrow morning, so I wanted to get something up. 

Here’s a hysterical first line from an article in yesterday’s Intelligencer:
Running a red light is a bad idea. Particularly if
you have more than $1,000 worth of stolen porn movies and sex toys in
your truck”

Here’s the link to the article:

Rivalry #7
Best Place for Coffee in Doylestown – There’s no shortage of coffee houses in Doylestown, so it can be tough to choose.  Starbucks offers a premium location right in the center of town in a very cool old building that used to be called William Doyle’s Tavern (Doylestown is named after the Doyle family) and it later became known as the Fountainhouse.  I have no beef with Starbucks except for their decision to partner with T-Mobile to offer wireless that costs about $10 to use for a 24 hour period.  I usually only buy something from a coffeehouse if I am trying to pirate wireless.  Coffee and Cream is a tiny shop really close to the County Theatre, it has a small selection of Ice Cream along with it’s variety of coffee.  They grind up all kinds of coffee beans and offer premium blends for the coffee snobs out there.  My favorite place and winner of the rivalry is Bucks County Coffee Company next to the Cigar Shop in Doylestown.  Free wi-fi, plenty of space, local art on display, and a much better selection of ice cream.  To push them over the top, when I asked for a tiny Ice Cream cone for Winston, they gave it to me for free. 

RKDeem’s 7th Favorite Band
Radiohead – For some reason, I felt like I could only go with Radiohead or Talking Heads in this spot.  Unfortunately for the Talking Heads, they were edged out and won’t be making it onto the list.  I really like the Talking Heads, they have some of my favorite songs, but their overall catalog of music never made me a rabid fan.  Radiohead hasn’t been 100% perfect with all of their records, but they did put out two perfect albums, Kid A and OK Computer.  Those two albums are just incredible, from start to finish, they blend in horns, guitars, a paranoid bass, intense vocals, and the best entire albums since Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon (Sorry Pink Floyd, you’re not on the list either).  Stand out track – I have two:  National Anthem (no lyrics, but great display of raucous jazz) and Exit Music (was my favorite song for a couple of years, best if listened to at high level of volume). 

Sorry for the lack of formatting, I am in big hurry to get out the door. 

Love – RKDeem

10 thoughts on “Best Place for Coffee In Doylestown

  1. name some talking heads songs that you don’t like. every single one is cool and catchy. not that that makes a good song, but they never fail.


  2. I bet it doesn’t hurt. I do the same thing, but only on Fridays because it takes a full week for the bruises to heal. I don’t feel a thing.


  3. no why don’t you go song by song. i’m done with this blog!ok, i’ll never really be done with this blog. i was just going for shock value. Hey Jay what’s up?


  4. I know I’m a little late here, but I feel that Hail to the Thief is a far better album when stacked up against Kid A or OK Computer. Now bring in Amnesiac and the Bends… Talking Heads is no contest.I’m looking forward to the re-release of Radiohead’s albums on vinyl on Sept 2. I’ll be spending a lot of money that week.And last night I saw Radiohead in concert! YES! I’ll be blogging about it…


  5. Just because you s’ed David Byrne’s d doesn’t mean they make better music. I understand your love affair, but don’t confuse your emotions with musical genius. I love you. I want to have your babies.


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