It’s My Blog’s Birthday – Celebration Time

My blog is officially 1 year old, actually, it turned 1 on August 7th, 2008, but this is close enough. 

Looking back at my first entry, I started this blog with hopes to create a place where people could express their ideas and opinions on life, politics, morals, and leisure.  It’s not like high school or college, now all my friends are no longer right down the hallway, they are now spread out all over Bucks County, Pennsylvania, New York, DC, San Diego, and New Jersey.  I missed the constant dialogue, it sucks being in a cubicle or office in a vacuum, this was my spot to bring people together.  I think it’s working too.  I remember when just 3 or 4 people would check this blog, now we have approximately 300 people checking it every week.  It’s not huge, it’s a community and I like it that way, somehow, we know everyone that visits this site, a 2 degrees of separation from the RKDeemReport. 

Sometimes I’ll be walking down the street or get a phone call from an old friend and they’ll ask, “How was Atlanta?” and I say, “How did you know I was in Atlanta?” and they respond, “I read your blog.”  It is hard to describe, but I think I like it because it is really nice knowing that my friends check in on me from time to time. 

So Happy Birthday Blog!  Let’s celebrate this Friday!  I do have some bad news about Stephanie’s on Friday, the Raggamuffins are no longer scheduled to perform there.  I called Stephanie’s to verify the bad news and they confirmed that Tube Top Mama (Tube Top Mama’s website)will be performing instead.  It’s my sister’s birthday and Stephanie’s has the amazing Blueberry Beer, so I hope that all of you come out anyways, plus Tube Top Mama looks like they’ll be plenty awesome when we’re all crunk.  If anyone needs to, feel free to walk back to my apartment with me so you don’t have to drive home at the end of the evening.

One last note – San Diego Dave has launched a new blog and the first entry is very promising, check it out at , he’s neither destroyed or mad, but he’s a fan of Ginsberg and that’s good enough for me!

4 thoughts on “It’s My Blog’s Birthday – Celebration Time

  1. Happy Birthday Blog! Rob, thanks for the endless entertainment. This blog has provided tons of entertainment thanks to you, and all the funny comments!


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