It was my sister’s birthday on Friday and we were at my parent’s house for some birthday tacos and ice cream cake (that sounds pretty gross when I type it, but it was excellent).  We started talking about what bars we were going to hit up and Jaclyn jokingly suggested the Amber Inn.  My grandparents said they used to love the Amber Inn, they used to go there when it was called the Rascal’s Roost.  I just think that is the greatest name for a bar, I recommend that the Amber Inn revert back to their former name. 

After the birthday celebration at my parents, we made our way to Stephanie’s to check out Tube Top Mama.  It was super loud in Stephanie’s, Tube Top was a pretty ridiculous cover band, I was just so bummed out about the last minute cancellation of the Raggamuffins, I wasn’t in the mindset to enjoy their replacement. Stephanie’s has a big bar and multiple bartenders so we were able to get drinks quickly and often.  After firing up a healthy buzz thanks to some shots of Southern Comfort & Lime, we were ready to move on to Bobby Simone’s. 

As I walked into Bobby Simone’s the greatest miracle of miracles happened.  The Raggamuffins were playing!  I parked myself on a barstool right in front of the stage and had a wonderful time listening to the greatest band on earth.  Someone told me they play there every Thursday night, it’s too good to be true. 

Poetry Grafiti Behind Stephanie’s, Ladies, & RKRaptor

Damn I look good! I should be in commercials

The Motha Effin Raggamuffins!

The babes – Jaclyn is smokin’ hot as usual

New Activity:  I am not sure if people will think this is lame, but I think that I’ll watch a bunch of high school football games this Fall.  Cheap tickets, local, and a fun environment.  I feel like I’m old enough that people won’t think I am trying to salvage glory days, I’m just looking for local competition in a great atmosphere.  If anyone wants to go, let me know.

Rivalry #6
Best Cereal When You Were A Kid – There were 2 cereals that I absolutely loved when I was a kid.  They were too good though, and a lot of times, my parents just refused to get them for me.  These cereals were Cookie Crisp and CoCo Puffs.  Coco Puffs were good because they would turn your milk into chocolate milk.  Cookie Crisp was good on its own, but combined with milk, it was the tastiest treat ever, and it was breakfast.  It’s funny to think about, waking up and pouring yourself a bowl full of cookies, filling it up with milk and starting off day with about 100 cookies and milk, it’s like an adult having a case of mini-beers for breakfast.

RKDeem’s 6th Favorite Band
Jimi Hendrix – What do I have to say, he could play the guitar behind his back or with his teeth better than Eric Clapton.  I love when I find live concert footage of him, he’s so provocative and extreme, he’s constantly humping his guitar, speakers, and whatever gets in his way.  Can you imagine being so talented?  He played the guitar with his freaking teeth?  He was left handed and played a right handed guitar upside down.  He played behind his back.  He played on LSD…christ, I have a couple of beers and I start stinking up the joint on Guitar Hero for the Xbox 360.  Standout Track – You’ve heard his greatest hits, so I will steer clear of Voodoo Child, check out the 7 minute Hear My Train A Comin’, it’s filled with blues and insane guitar solos. 

20.  Postal Service
19.  White Stripes
18.  Regina Spektor
17.  Louis Prima
16.  Otis Redding
15.  Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs
14.  Jack Johnson
13.  Led Zeppelin
12.  Kanye West
11.  Wilco
10.  Weezer
9.  The Strokes
8.  The Who
7.  Radiohead
6.  Jimi Hendrix

3 thoughts on “Raggamuffins!

  1. i’m real sorry i missed this. rose and i were both looking forward to meeting up with you guys, but things got a little too hectic for us. we’ll have to all keep a look out for the buttmuffins around town and make another outing. i like how you described it as the the greatest miracle of miracles happened.


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