LA Fitness – Warrington, PA

Howdy RKDeemers! 

Jack and I joined LA Fitness this week.  I’ve wanted to join the gym for awhile, but my wacky work schedule and Winston made attending a gym nearly impossible.  LA Fitness provides an awesome childcare facility and I’ve been going before work.  This gym has everything, pool, basketball, volleyball, raquetball, cardio, free weights, and anything else you could want.  Actually, one thing I would like that this gym doesn’t have is a personal locker.  There’s locker rooms which are very nice with tons of lockers, bathrooms, showers, and sauna, but you can’t keep your stuff in a locker over night.  I would like an overnight locker.  That’s my only complaint though, otherwise the place is perfect.  

In addition to the gym, I have added a new day of softball into my schedule.  This fall you can find me on the softball diamond on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.  The new team is a coed team which should be a little more laid back.  

RKDeem’s Rivalry #5
The County Theater in Doylestown vs. Regal Cinemas – I am a huge fan of the County Theater, it’s an vibrant blue and yellow expression of art deco and it instantly makes you happy to be in Doylestown, even if you don’t step inside.  I’ve seen some great movies in there and some really lame movies in there too, but I think you could say that about any movie theater.  So what we’re talking about it the experience.  What gives you the better experience, Regal or County?  For my money, I’d rather go to Regal, better sound, stadium seating that’s plush and reclines, and lots more options for snacks.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the County, but there’s a reason those theaters are going extinct.  I think the County would be my favorite theater in the world if they cleaned out the current seating, put in fancy leather couches and served alcholic beverages and better food.  Like a martini lounge movie theater, that would be cool.  

RKDeem’s #5 Band
The Velvet Underground – I am going to throw Lou Reed’s solo stuff in here too.  The Velvet Underground is just awesome.  I can’t do them justice, they defy labels and description, bands can only be compared to them, you can’t compare them to anyone else.  Start out with their greatest hits, Sweet Jane, Rock N’ Roll, Heroin, and I’m Waiting for the Man, but my standout track goes to “Oh Sweet Nothing”.    

6 thoughts on “LA Fitness – Warrington, PA

  1. Next time you visit the Browns, we’ll take you to the Arlington Cinema and Draft House. It’s pretty much the ghetto version of what you describe, there are even little love seats! BUT we go there for pitchers of beer, not martinis.


  2. The greatest movie theather around is the AMC theater in the Neshaminy Mall. The seats are larger and plusher then the ones in the Regal, and every seat has the option of lifting the arm rest, creating a bench. Plus the bigger theaters are huge! You can even take an elevator to the top rows. However, i like the county because it is cheap, you can get candy that costs 3.50 at the regal for a dollar at the candy.


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