Whoa – Too Many Entries – Slow Down RKDeem

Someone forwarded me this the other day, I cried I was laughing so hard.  I found the images from the forward on www.listoftheday.com , I am not taking credit, just trying to share something hilarious!

Photobombing – Intentionally turning up in the background of
other people’s photographs with the goal of ruining them now has a
name: Photobombing.
I do this daily, unintentionally, walking
along Canal Street to work, but the art of the photobomber is appearing
in the background at just the right moment and with just the right

I love this picture, it’s like this wite guy was telported into this picture

By the way, read Ed’s 7/11 story under the posting about The Best of the Worst Bars In Doylestown

Fantasy Football Talk – Girls Will Find This Boring

We’re less than 25 days away from the most important day of the year,
the Fantasy Football draft! Preparations have begun, strategies are
being developed, and I am neck deep in analysis. One of the first
conclusions that I have reached is that my team’s historical
performance is arguably the worst in the league. My team is Optimus
Here’s a look at the records from the past couple of years, my team has
the second worst cumulative record and last season I was the worst. 
Team Records from 2005 to Present 
Team Name                       2007           2006       2005                 Total 
Nation of Domination         9W 4L          5W 8L      13W 0L            27W 12L 
Snafu’s Revenge                9W 4L          4W 9L       8W 5L             21W 18L 
Crackhogs                          8W 5L         10W 3L      2W 11L           20W 19L 
Team Bring It                     5W 8L          10W 3L     8W 5L             23W 16L 
Optimus Wang                   3W 10L      6W 7L      6W 7L           15W 24L 
Jockless Wonders               8W 5L          8W 5L       6W 7L            22W 17L 
Backdoor Crevice Sniffers   8W 5L          6W 7L       3W 10L          17W 22L 
Independent George          6W 7L          7W 6L       8W 5L            21W 18L 
Super Troopers                  5W 8L           4W 9L      7W 6L             16W 23L 
Lenape Valley Indians        4W  9L         5W 8L      4W 9L             13W 26L

If that wasn’t bad enough, my team has manufactured the least amount of
points of any team in the league. 
Points Scored from 2005 to Present 
Team Name                         2005    2006   2007   Average 
Nation of Domination            2048    1881     1846   1925 
Snafu’s Revenge                  1748     1519     1923   1730 
Crackhogs                            1372     2127     1861   1787 
Team Bring It                       1856     2058     1579   1831 
Optimus Wang                    1466    1566   1488   1507 
Jockless Wonders                1627     1566     2084   1825 
Backdoor Crevice Sniffers    1398     1762     1820   1636 
Independent George           1719     1688     1766   1780 
Super Troopers                    1424     1853     1830   1660 
Lenape Valley Indians          1326     1725    1808   1541 
Over the last 3 years, teams have averaged 1723 points a season, I’m
coming in way below at 1507. My wife says I am horrible at Fantasy
Football, especially considering the time and thought I put into it, my
return on strategic investment is a major deficit. 
Based on previous records (45% weighted value) and average points
scored (45% weighted value) and where they are in this year’s draft
year’s draft (10%), I am predicting where people will finish this year. 
#10 – Lenape Valley Indians – Worst cumulative record & second worst in
cumulative points. Drafting ninth, it will be tough to pick a great
#9 – Optimus Wang – Same as LVI, hasn’t proven ability to build a great
team, with the fifth pick of the draft, he’ll need to be smart and
focused, two things you can guarantee that won’t happen. 
#8 – Super Troopers – Just barely above LVI and Optimus in overall
standings and points, eighth pick in the draft doesn’t help either. 
#7 – Back Door Crevice Sniffers – Slightly less overall points than the
Super Troopers, but has the #3 pick this year, had a decent year last
year, should return to mediocrity. 
#6 – Snafu’s Revenge – No one has ever repeated their quest for a
Fantasy Football championship and Snafu won’t be the first. I give
them credit for doing it with the #10 pick last year, but I have to
think it’s an anomaly, their overall record and points lands them at
the #6 spot. 
#5 – Crackhogs – This team is always in the mix, except for a miserable
season in 2005 (worst record in league history). They have the fourth
highest point total and a very solid overall record, even with the
worst record factored into the equation. They draft tenth this year,
but the ten spot worked for Snafu last year. 
#4 – Independent George – Always getting the number one pick and always
a top contender. Hasn’t been able to really separate himself from the
pack in the last 3 years, don’t see why this year will be any
#3 – Jockless Wonders – I think it might be the year for the Jockless
Wonders, they are neck and neck with Team Bring It, but he’s a gambler
and I’m not sure if his gambles will keep paying off. I see JW coming
in 3 or better, especially with the number 4 pick. 
#2 – Team Bring It – Always a competitor, already has a championship
under his belt, and his record and overall points justify him at the #2
spot, plus he’s drafting second. 
#1 – Nation of Domination – This team has the record and points to
really stand out from the crowd. Four more wins than his nearest
competitor and his 3 year point average is over 100 points higher than
his nearest competitor. With a draft pick in the middle of the pack,
he could win another championship this year. 
Interesting facts: 
Last three champions have drafted: 
2007 Champion Drafted Tenth 
2006 Champion Drafted Seventh 
2005 Champion Drafted Second 
Last three teams with the highest score drafted: 
2007 Highest Score Drafted Fourth 
2006 Highest Score Drafted Second 
2005 Highest Score Drafted Second 
The highest a QB has been drafted by a high score team or a
pionship team was in round three. 
For high score teams and championship teams, running backs were
selected with the top two picks 5 out of 6 times.

Best of the Worst Bars In Doylestown

Not much for RKDeem to report, but we’ll keep the list moving forward.  I made hotel reservations for Ithaca on the week of August 15th, looking forward to diving into Buttermilk Falls. 

My friends Jen and Jay just got back from their honeymoon.  Isn’t honeymoon the most beautiful word?  Here’s the etymology offered by Websters:

“the idea that the first month of marriage is the sweetest” (1546)

I really like this explanation of the word’s origin and hopefully we can hook the happy couple up with some mead on the 22nd:

In many parts of Europe it was traditional to supply a newly married couple with enough mead for a month, ensuring happiness and fertility. From this practice we get honeymoon or, as the French say, lune de miel[4][5]

Rivalry #9 – Best Worst Bar In Doylestown
There’s a couple of places that come to mind when I think of the worst bars in Doylestown.  Finny’s, the Amber Inn, or the Moose.  Finny’s and Amber Inn are very similar, but the Amber Inn has a couple more pool tables, bars, and space that generally goes unused.  I prefer Finny’s vertical orientation (two-stories), it keeps everyone close together and they don’t open the second floor unless there’s enough people to justify it.  Finny’s also offers better bands and a great karaoke guy.  The Amber is always terribly smokey which is a turnoff for me.  Finny’s over the Amber.  So that leaves Finny’s vs. the Moose.  The Moose wins if you’re going with a good group of friends because the beer’s cheap and they bring in some good musicians.  Unfortunately, the Moose can really be lame, quiet, smokey, and somewhat depressing if you’re going with one other person and no band performing.  In general, I think Finny’s beats out the Moose slightly, but all of these bars are on the bottom rung and I’d try to avoid them if you could. 

I hope everyone’s keeping August 22 open for the great ol’ Doylestown bar crawl, starting with Stephanie’s to check out my favorite free band, The Raggamuffins,

RKDeem’s #9 Band
The Strokes – I loved their first two albums, didn’t care for their third album.  Songs are catchy, high-energy, and filled with confidence.  I have three standout tracks:  Someday – catchy, pop tune.  Alone Together – crazy frenzy rock tune.  Reptilia – a combination of them both.

20.  Postal Service
19.  White Stripes
18.  Regina Spektor
17.  Louis Prima
16.  Otis Redding
15.  Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs
14.  Jack Johnson
13.  Led Zeppelin
12.  Kanye West
11.  Wilco
10.  Weezer
9.  The Strokes


The Beat Goes On

Rivalry #10
Largemouth Bass vs. Smallmouth Bass – Smallmouth Bass live in rivers and streams and they fight extremely hard for their size.  Pound for pound, they really surpass the Largemouth Bass.  The Largemouth Bass typically lives in ponds and lakes and they grow a lot bigger.  Both fish love to jump once they’re hooked which lead into breath taking battles where your line goes slack and you’re unsure if the fish is still hooked, until it lands and the line is taught again.  While the Smallmouth Bass is a better fighter pound for pound, no one cares about the light boxers, they want the Heavyweight prizefighters.  The Largemouth is a big and bruising fish and their ambush attacks on topwater baits make for some awesome fishing.  Largemouth Bass wins the battle. 

RKDeem’s #10 Band
Weezer – Not sure what stunted my love of Weezer, but I didn’t get into this band until a couple years ago.  I can listen to the Blue album all the way through on any occasion in any mood.  They’ve put out some other good songs, but that album is just awesome, it’s their best and the only thing on their resume that gets this on this list.  It’s not a lot, but it’s awfully good.  Standout track – My Name Is Jonas, I have no idea why I love this song so much, but it is a favorite, one of the few songs that I know all the words to:

My name is Jonas.
I’m carrying the wheel.
Thanks for all you’ve shown us.
This is how we feel.

Come sit next to me.
Pour yourself some tea.
Just like Grandma made
When we couldn’t find sleep.
Things were better then.
Once but never again.
We’ve all left the den.
Let me tell you ’bout it.

Choo-choo train left right on time.
A ticket costs only your mind.
The driver said, “Hey, man, we go all the way.”
Of course we were willing to pay.

My name is Wakefield.
Gotta box full of your toys.
They’re fresh out of batteries.
But they’re still makin’ noise, makin’ noise.
Tell me what to do.
Now the tank is dry.
Now this wheel is flat.
And you know what else?
Guess what I received,
In the mail today.
Words of deep concern
From my little brother.

The building’s not goin’ as he planned.
The foreman has injured his hand.
The dozer will not clear a path.
The driver swears he learned his math.

The workers are goin’ home. (x4)

The workers are goin’ home. (x3)
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Atlanta Airport – Ready To Sleep

It’s about 8:15PM, Friday, August 1st.  I’ve been deprived of sleep for the last couple days, forced to leave the house at 3:45AM yesterday, flown 800 miles south, whisked away to a conference room, locked inside until 8PM, out to dinner with business cohorts (I love the word cohorts!), grabbed much needed sleep, woke up, returned to conference room for another 10 hours, and sent back to airport. 

I’m catching a 9:30PM flight home and we’re expected to touch down around 11:45PM in Philly.  I should be laying in my bed around 1AM.  Can’t wait to sleep, but even more excited about seeing my family. 

The one thing that has worked in my favor is that this flight was booked at the last minute, which means that my company paid out some decent cash for my ticket, the expensive ticket has landed me in first class round trip, and I can actually sit like a normal person.  When I am in coach, I have to press my legs together, pull my elbows into my side, and stare straight ahead for 2 hours, it’s like disgruntled yoga.  First class is awesome, you get a couple more inches to spread out and you get 2 drinks instead of one, if I paid for plane tickets with my own money, I would have to be rich as hell to justify a first class on a plane.  When I travel with Jaclyn, she pulls up the divider and lets me spill over into her chair.  She’s the best.  

The Atlanta airport is the busiest airport in America (this is true, but I am too lazy to reference).  It was really busy for the last hour, but now it’s starting to thin out.  There’s actually a couple seats open next to me.  There’s an old guy sitting across from me, a white beard, and glasses, he reminds me of the barber in Frenchtown named Schiable.  The guy keeps staring at me.  I will name him the Santa of Atlanta.  His legs are spread pretty far apart, I think he’s just comfortable, but paired with the unrelenting stare, it appears lewd and I just try to keep focused on my computer.  

The forum is getting some more activity and it looks like August 22nd might turn out to be a pretty wild evening.  Nice job to Kate and Ed for actually giving themselves icon pictures on their forum profiles.  

Too tired to report on rivalries and bands, but we’re in the top ten.  There’s going to be surprises and a bunch of bands left out.  

We’re going to try to get up to Ithaca in a couple weeks.  Last time we were there, we found this little oasis, complete with waterfall, and big boulders to take in the sun.  The most unusual thing about this place was that when you went swimming in the water, especially close to the waterfall, these tiny fish about 1 or 2 inches long, would come up and bite your feet, there were about 50 little fish biting your feet lik crazy, it kind of freaked me out, but I lived to tell about it.

The Santa of Atlanta is asleep and as soon as I get on my plane, I will sleep too.  Goodnight!