End of an Era

Howdy RKDeemers!  I have been writing under The Mix Up category for a couple months now and we’re going to wrap it up tonight.  Thank you all for reading and I hope you keep reading as we roll out a couple new features and start out a new chapter.  I like Laurie’s idea of a History of RKDeem, so you can expect to see key historical moments being featured in my blog’s next chapter. 

The past couple of days have been busy.  Monday, dinner out with the client, got home around midnight, Tuesday, went to Phillie’s game with client, got home around 1AM, Wednesday, birthing class, home around 10PM.  I am whooped.  I know a lot of you reading this blog have yet to give birth, here’s a couple tips for men who are thinking about getting their wife pregnant:

  1. Get ready to spend a lot more on health insurance.  I think I spent about around $100 a month when I was single, $300 a month when I was married, and now it’s close to $600 a month as a family.  Then you throw in deductibles and co-insurance and it adds up. 
  2. Even though this is our second time around, taking a class is highly recommended.  It reminded me about packing a bag well in advance, the logistics of checking in and where we’d stay, what gets done with the baby after it’s born, and they confirmed that they had wi-fi so I could monitor my fantasy football team.
  3. Figure out the car seat before the baby is born. 
  4. Prepare yourself to be involved.  I couldn’t believe it when Jack first gave birth, I never imagined being so involved with the process, but the doc had me right in the thick of things and it was quite a rush, I’m glad I saw a video beforehand, it made the real life event much less shocking.  Oh, they asked if I wanted to cut the ambilical cord, I said no.  I stand by the decision, I’d be happy to do it in a jam, but if there’s a hospital filled with capable staff, I’m letting them cut the cord. 
  5. Sneak out of the hospital for a bit.  You’ll be sleeping on a tiny recliner, there will be a constant rotation of women oogling over your child and you’ll need to get out and stretch your legs.  You can tell your wife that you’re picking her up a special treat that’s not available in the hospital convenience store. 
  6. For the love of God, when your wife is giving birth, do not do anything but pay attention to her every need.  If you change the radio station, blow bubbles with your gum, crack your knuckles, pace, or anything remotely annoying, you will face serious consequences.  Just suck it up and give her everything she needs during the delivery. 

RKDeem’s #1 Rivalry – Best Place To Get Something You Don’t Need

The best place in the world for crap you don’t need but you’ll inevitably buy is Rice’s Market.  I remember when I was little, it was awesome to check out the vendors selling knives, fireworks, baseball cards, and huge boxes of discount candy, good lord, it was heaven!  It was fun figuring out how you’d spend your month’s allowance, would I buy a Rambo knife?  Maybe I’ll use it all on a Jose Canseco rookie card.  Or maybe I’ll put together a diverse portfolio of weapons, ballistics, and candy.  Now days, I stroll the aisles looking at fake replicas of Kate Spade purses or Ray Ban sunglasses, but I mostly go for the weird antique stuff that I really don’t need, possibly a spent bullet from Gettysburg, a collection of old arrow heads, or maybe a Randall Cunningham rookie card. 

RKDeem’s #1 Band – Ray Charles

Ray Charles’ music is brilliant.  I love soul, I love funk.  Ray Charles combines both of them beautifully and he sprinkles in some pop, gospel, and rock n’ roll for good measure.  It’s the perfect music for whisky on the back porch, it’s the perfect music for dancing, it’s the perfect music for driving, it’s classic & it’s fresh.  If I had to choose one person’s music for an extended stay on a lonely island, I’d pick Ray Charles.  I’m too tired to write more, but trust me, he’s the best.

4 thoughts on “End of an Era

  1. how can your last rivaly have a winner, but no opponents? a rivalry with no actual rivals? are there other places you can go to get stuff you don’t need or did you just throw us a curveball? at least list the Kane’s garage or something like that. what about Foster’s toy store (does that still exist?). there is a Dollar store here in horsham that is great. its a dollar store where everything costs 92 cents. i guess “92 Cent Store” doesn’t have the same ring to it. it’s owned by the nicest asian man. always smiling and asking how you’re doing and talking about the weather. he helped me purchase containers to sneak liquor on to a cruise last year. we call him “Gavin”, the reason is too long to explain here, but you should go to Gavin’s 92 cent store. they have everything. i even think they sell ipods.


  2. I was pooped last night, too tired to write a cogent blog entry. The rivalry without the rival is an excellent point. If Rice’s had any competition, I would say New Hope comes close. They have stores for witchcraft, they have the LSD store (Love Saves the Day) where you can buy costumes, wigs, Simpson memorabilia, and trading cards. Not too mention the hologram store and the bobblehead store, they just have a lot of useless crap, but it’s too expensive to actually buy it. Rice’s is a place where you actually buy it.


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