Political Ads – Who’s More Retarded?

I’ve been seeing a bunch of political ads lately and every one of them is geared towards the lowest common denominator.  You gotta wonder if these candidates believe these ads will be effective on the average voter, this election is going to be decided by retards. 

Here’s an ad about how McCain can’t use e-mail:

Here’s an ad telling us that Obama’s not entirely focused on Iran because it’s a “tiny” country

Here’s an ad about Obama passing over Hillary as VP because the truth hurt him

My favorite ad is on Obama’s kindergarten sex education policy

This stuff is so stupid and I’m sure it costs millions of dollars to produce and buy the air time.  $1 million dollars to talk about McCain’s lack of e-mail ability, $1 million dollars about Obama’s feelings being hurt by Hillary, come on you two idiots.  Spend your money on something worth while, if you spent a million dollars on a poor city neighborhood, I bet you would have all of their votes.  If you spent $1 million dollars on education, you’d have a lot of happy parents willing to vote for you.  Imagine if Obama spent the $60 million he raised this month and McCain spent the millions he raised this month spending that money for positive philanthropic activities that advanced their agendas, it would be a lot easier to figure out which candidate to endorse and even if your candidate lost, you’d feel good about the next president earning the country’s love through good deeds, not crappy commercials. 

Here’s a chart to help you pick a candidate in case you didn’t watch the commercials

   McCain  Obama
 Celebrity?  No  Yes
 Maverick?  Yes  No
 Is Iran a Small Country?  No, Iran’s a big deal who will kill us all  Yes, it’s a tiny country
 Ability to E-mail  No  Yes
Comprehensive Sex Education to Kindergartners  Hasn’t made it a focal point of his action plan  Obama made it happen

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