Weird News – Proposed Solution

I saw these in today’s Intelligencer: 
Getting hit by a car sucks, getting arrested for it is even worse: 
Multiple charges: Jason Worman, 19, of Hamburg, Berks County, was
charged with possession of a controlled substance, underage drinking,
public drunkenness and a pedestrian violation following an
investigation that was completed on Wednesday. Police said Worman was
struck by a vehicle on Aug. 13 at 11:45 p.m. while working on Bethlehem
Pike near Reliance Road. 
Hope he was wearing sun screen: 
Indecent exposure: Paul Hott, 51, was charged with indecent exposure
after he was sunbathing naked on the roof of his home on the 2-digit
block of Vaux Drive. He was arraigned before District Judge Daly and
bail was set at $25,000. 
Drinking & Driving…A Bicycle! 
James F. Young 32, was cited for public drunkenness on Sunday at 8:34
p.m. after he rode his bike out of a driveway on the 2800 block of
Byberry Road directly into the path of a police vehicle. 
These people need a politician to stand up for them! I think we should
form a coalition to elect a rabbit’s skull as the new mayor of
Doylestown. We can draft the rabbit’s skull manifesto where we allow
naked sun bathing on roofs, if you get hit by a car – that’s punishment
enough, and if there’s one thing the rabbit skull feels strongly about,
it’s the fact that if you are drunk, ride a bike and not your car.
Rabbit skull also endorses comprehensive legislation that requires all
residents of Doylestown to dot their i’s and lowercase j’s with hearts,
not dots. 
God bless the rabbit skull, god bless you all!

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