Hamilton Grill Room – Lambertville, NJ

We celebrated our two-year anniversary yesterday with a dinner at Hamilton’s Grillroom in Lambertville.  It’s a BYOB and I really considered bringing a bottle of wine just for me, but I thought that it might knock me out of the running for husband of the year if I got crunk while my pregant wife cordially ate her meal.  The dinner was exceptional, I opted for a giant ribeye steak and Jack got the salmon.  I convinced her that we needed to order sides or else we would just have a hunk of meat on an empty plate.  She ordered some pistachio beets thing and I got pomme frites (fancy name for french fries).  When our meals came, my wife immediately pointed out how wrong I was about the sides.  They came with plenty of sides already, so my pomme frites were really unnecessary considering the heaping serving of mashed potatos that was included with my steak.  My meal also came with string beans.  It was a huge meal and everything was exceptional, if you’re looking for a nice place to eat, I highly recommend.  Click here to visit their website.

By the way, the restaurant is tucked away down a back alley in Lambertville and right across from the restaurant is the tiniest coziest, and perhaps most romantic bar in the area, it’s called the Boathouse.  Combine the restaurant and bar for a nice night out with your lady friend.  

After dinner, we walked across the bridge, stopping several times to spot swans and ducks chasing fish behind the pillars.  The water is so shallow and clear, you could see the bottom of the Delaware in the middle of night.  

We made it across and checked out the bars and shops, but it was a pretty quiet night and that was perfect for us.  Eventually we settled at Starbucks just to use the bathroom.  This reminds me of a hot summer day in Manhattan when I kept going to Starbucks to use the bathroom, but I always had to buy something each time I stopped, each time I bought an Iced Coffee and it just made me have to use the bathroom again in 30 minutes.  If I had to guess, Starbucks’ bathrooms really make them a lot of money.

On Saturday, I woke up early and went fishing on the Delaware with my dad.  The river was immensed in fog and I really wish I had a camera, I could barely see the end of my rod.  I paddled a kayak and my father has a kayak with an inboard motor in it, called a Mokai.  He paddled it most of the time, but if he saw a good spot coming up, he could motor ahead to it before me.  In addition, if the current took us beyond a good fishing spot, he could motor back up the river and fish it again, while I would have to paddle my ass off to get back upstream.  Despite his technological advantage, we fished to a draw and both found plenty of success with the Smallmouth Bass.  

Sunday saw the Bulldogs Slow Pitch Softball Team pull out two more victories to remain undefeated.  We have our final weekend this Sunday and then playoffs begin in October.  

More interviews coming up!

One last thing I need to mention.  My wife is named Jaclyn, I call her Jack and sometimes I call her Jackalope, like the mythical rabbit with antlers.  Well, I thought it was interesting to see that the dictionary does not have jackalope, but it has Bigfoot.  The jackalope supporters really need to petition and get their creature recognized by dictionaries of the world.  If you’re interested in buying a mounted jackalope, check out this site.  Jackalope Junctions sells mounted Jackalopes that cost as little as $99.99. but a real nice blue eyed jackalope will set you back $129.95. 

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