Because I Can

For anyone who’s been reading my blog for awhile, you’ll know that I’m pretty apathetic when it comes to politics.  In fact, when I went to get my new driver’s license, they asked if I wanted to be a registered voter, I just needed to click a button that said, “Yes” and I would have been allowed to vote.  I didn’t.  My feeling on the whole thing is this, I am doing my job and I think I’m doing it well.  I take care of my family, I love my wife and child, I work hard, I give money to charitable causes, and I try to make my community better by supporting local stores, picking up trash, and lending a hand when needed.  It has become pretty evident that politicians are no longer supporting the individuals like me and you, they are supporting special interests, huge corporations, and if they take up an issue, it’s just to polarize the nation.

We can argue about abortion, gun laws, and crime rates, but the fact is these things are ALWAYS (or 99% of the time at least) associated with poverty.  Sure you have a whacko here and there that shoots up a school, but 99% of the gun violence is taking place in the hood.  99% of crime is taking place in the hood.  We know that, that’s why none of us are about to go north of market street in Philly anytime soon.  The symptoms are guns, violence, crime, unwanted pregnancy, poor academic performance, but the cause is poverty.  I still see very little being done by any candidate to help those most in need. 

I do have to admit that I was really wrong about something.  I used to think, “Well, I didn’t vote for George W. Bush because he’s a jackass, but how bad can this guy be, I mean, he’s surrounded by smart people…right?”  Well, after 8 years it seems like he did a pretty bad job.  I am really trying to be objective here, so please here me out if you’re a Republican.  I mean he took a surplus and turned it into a major deficit, the economy is now on the verge of collapse (which is pretty exciting stuff, I feel like that deserves some special recognition), and my all time favorite blunder is he mistakenly started a war.  HE MISTAKENLY STARTED A WAR!  Sometimes I can’t find my X Box controller and I’ll be looking around the house for it.  I’ll look all over, under the couch, behind the TV, in the closet, etc.  When I can’t find it, I’ll be like, “Damn it Jaclyn, where the hell did you put my freaking X Box controller!?”  Then she’ll say, “Honey, you left it in the filing cabinet so Winston wouldn’t destroy it.”  I’ll feel so bad for blaming her, like I am really sorry to have accused her of moving my controller, I can’t imagine how bad I would feel if I blamed a country for having weapons of mass destruction, killed thousands of their soldiers, thousands of their civilians, created a civil war in their country, over threw their government, and had thousands of my own troops killed as well over something that was completely wrong (good thing I don’t have access to troops for finding my X Box controller).  So, how bad can a president be?  Pretty bad I guess. 

John McCain, you’re being ridiculous.  I know you think it looks cool to stop campaigning and focus on the economic crisis, but here’s a couple problems:
1.  You have no experience with economics/finance/banking
2.  You are injecting partisanship into the solution making it more difficult for resolution
3.  This does not come across like you are trying to help the American people, it looks like you’re trying to help yourself.  If you really wanted to get my support, donate your campaign money into fixing the issue, then I would give you a vote.  Donate some of your millions of dollars into it, defray the cost big man.  Put your money where your mouth is, that goes to Obama as well, rich folks have a lot more to lose than me.

Again, I don’t care about who our President is, I have to trust that all of the supporting cast in DC are going to do their jobs.  We’re not voting for the Secretary of Treasure, we’re not voting for the head of FEMA, we’re not voting for the head of an Urban Coalition to eradicate poverty, we are not voting for the Chief at the Government Accountability Office, we are voting for the symbol of all those people supporting him. 

Sorry for the rant, but both candidates are trying to symbolize change and I’ll be a little happier when I start seeing it.  Let’s end this thing with some anti-witchcraft video of everyone’s favorite hockey mom:


3 thoughts on “Because I Can

  1. i like switching it up, but the gray is a bit of a downer. How about you try out a bunch of different colors and see what everybody thinks. just since writing this the gray is making me depressed. i just dry heaved.


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