A Place to Stay In San Diego – Interview Continued





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Here’s the final half of the interview with San Diego Dave.  The first half begins in the entry below, titled “Camden Aquarium”. 

RKDeem:  We’ve been
friends since third grade, I guess for over 20 years now, why do you think we
became friends and do you think the friend dynamic in third grade is the same
as it is now?


Dave:  I think you may
have used me as an excuse to fish the Neshaminy Creek back in the day of
parents carting us around, but I won’t hold that against you. We has some of
the greatest summers back in the day, roaming free for miles of fresh water
fishing. I think the main things that have stood the test of time are our love
of nature, music, and video games. Although the encounters in the online gaming
world are dissipating, we will always have music and nature to share. There is
also a type of person that is always looking for an adventure. It doesn’t
matter if the adventure is in your backyard playing badminton, or across the
country partying with doctors in Los
Angeles, you and I have always been the type of people
to make shit happen. This will never change.


RKDeem:  You’ve been
taking Kung Fu for awhile now, do you learn moves that can kill people or just
enough to hold them into submission while you wait for the police to come? 

Dave: My normal lesson in Kung Fu deals a lot with strikes to break bones and
joint locking, and while I haven’t started training with weapons yet, I still
think I could dish out a pretty good hurtin’. And although I would have said
the same thing without the Kung Fu training, I do feel a lot more in tune with
my body. It’s funny, while learning techniques to defend myself from a
particular attack, my instructor always asks, “Now what do you want to do?” The
answer is always, “Distract him with pain!” So the moves are meant to cripple
your opponent with more pain than they can handle.


RKDeem:  Do you think
that if you became a grand master of Kung Fu, you could beat up Moose? 


Dave: No, even Moose couldn’t beat up Moose.


RKDeem:  There’s been
a lot of talk around global warming, terrorist regimes greatly profiting from
the United States addiction to oil, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the
cancellation of Veronica Mars, do you get caught up in this stuff, worry about
any of it? 


Dave: On a motorcycle I’m using less gas than the average
American. I recycle by giving homeless people my glass, aluminum, and plastic
so they cash it in to buy booze. I live in a military town. But that’s about
it. There are definitely things to think about every day, and some people spend
all their energy to worry about these things. I’m not one of those people. I
found a gas station that sells gas for a penny less than the average gallon, I
ride a motorcycle around the coast, I swim in the Pacific ocean at least a
couple times a week, listen to obscure music through the needle of a record
player, and eat dinner with a wonderful woman, again, at least a few times a
week. Call it selfish, but my world is doing just fine. I’ll do what I can to
help, and won’t assume that I can change the world.


RKDeem:  I believe
you’ve been dating Jen for awhile now, how’s having a girl in your life
affecting your lifestyle?


Dave:  Well, I eat a
lot better. Jen is a great cook and feeds me regularly. Seriously, I am so
happy to have Jen in my life. Our relationship has come a long, long way and I
am very proud to not only be where I am, but also be where we are as a couple.
She is so good to me, and I cherish every single day I am blessed to share with


RKDeem:  When are you
giving up cigarettes?


Dave: I’m working on it.


RKDeem:  Tell us about
your job, what you do.


Dave: I work as a Graphic Design Manager and basically own
everything that our Marketing Department uses as collateral, as well as the
assets that make up our on-line marketplace. On any given week, because of past
and current contributions I have made, my company makes tens of thousands of
dollars. I am very lucky to be where I am, and look forward to getting
everything I can out of this company while it’s ripe for the picking.


RKDeem:  Is this your
dream job or do you see yourself doing something different in a couple years?


Dave: What job is a dream job? I’m pretty sure that no
matter what I am doing, the grass will always be a little greener on the other
side of the fence. I love what I do, and am lucky to be getting paid reasonably
well to do it. That’s good enough for now. I always have my eyes and ears open
to new opportunities, and will probably start investigating what those might be
in another year or two.


RKDeem:  You were a
big fan of The Moose, the bar/club in Doylestown.  Why do you think you liked the bar so much?


Dave: It was a comfort zone. Just like any bar, it breeds
alcoholics, and anyone is welcome to join the team. Anyone that is at least a
little exceptional will be admired in a crowd of drunken delinquents. I think I
felt that. I liked shooting pool, playing mega-touch, drinking beer, meeting
easy women, and listening to music. You can guess why it’s easy to make
yourself comfortable sitting on a bar stool.


RKDeem:  I planning on
asking all my interviewees this question; any advice for Winston?


Dave: Take good care of your teeth, and never wear shoes
that are more than 2 sizes too small. Your toenails will turn black and fall
off. Trust me.


RKDeem:  Do you have
any words for the RKDeemers out there? 
The floor is yours.


Dave: Hey peeps of blogdom, here’s my shameless plug. I’m
sure you’ll need more useless information after you are done witnessing RK Drop
Some Deem. Swing by my blog and say hello (www.destroyedbymadness.com). You
need a bribe? I’ll include you on my mailing list where I send you free stuff.
Also, do youself a favor and check out Conor Oberst November 7th at Messiah College (http://www.messiah.edu/org/sab/concerts.html)
when he comes to town. You will not be disappointed.


RKDeem:  If any of us
are in San Diego,
can we crash at your place?


Dave: I’ll leave a key under my doormat. Just let yourself
in. And if you wait there ‘til I get back from work, I’ll cook you dinner and
even teach you how to surf.


RKDeem:  Thank you for
your thoughts and perspective.  As
always, it’s been an absolute pleasure and I am a better person for knowing
you.  Keep it real on Pacific Coast Time.


Dave: I’m honored that you’d give me your platform for a few
minutes. I love you like a brother. Now I gotta go take a cold shower and
prepare for the crash from all these uppers. Withdrawal is a bitch.

Here’s a picture of Dave chilling out with Brett Myers of the Phillies – read the first entry in Dave’s blog to discover how that happened:

Here’s a picture of a Triumph Motorcycle:

6 thoughts on “A Place to Stay In San Diego – Interview Continued

  1. Aww, shucks…Sorry I couldn’t get you a picture of me riding my bike. I fell off the cliff side a few times while riding down the coast and trying to take my own picture. It’s harder than you think.


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