Laurie Saves The World

Above:  A pic of Laurie rockin’ a foam party on the beach

My sister-in-law, Laurie, is training for a 10K run, I had a chance to ask her a couple questions about the race and she even spilled the beans on Jaclyn’s forbidden romance in France. Have a wonderful weekend, I’ll be preparing to turn 30 (October 7th). 

RKDeem: Thanks for letting us get a little taste of what’s going on in the life of Laurie. 
Laurie Thanks for allowing me to do so.: 
RKDeem: I hear you’re training for a 10k run, that’s over 6 miles. How are you training for this big event? 
Laurie: My biggest challenge will be just to build my endurance. Im really a novice runner, I just started running a month and a half ago, and I’m now able to do about three and half miles. So over the next month I’ll just be running a lot and do other work outs to just get my aerobic endurance up. I love doing spinning class which helps a lot. 
RKDeem: What possessed you to make the decision to participate in a 10k run? 
Laurie: Well a good friend of mine from school is participating and convinced me to do so. I wanted to participate in a 5k but I thought that this would be great personal challenge. Also I really support the cause. The money raised in this event will go to providing resources for HIV/AIDS patients in the Delaware Valley as well as funding education on prevention. That to me is the most important part.  AIDS is one of the few 100% preventable diseases and I know for myself learning about it when I was in elementary school scared me enough to never do drugs or have unprotected sex. I even turned down be a blood sister with a fellow RKDeemReport reader for fear of contracting AIDS. There is so much positive being done with the latest drugs for treating AIDS that it seems like less of a death sentence, but it is still so important for people to realize it is a serious threat, and learn how to protect themselves. 
RKDeem: Is someone wanted to contribute, how would they? If I only wanted to contribute $1, would that be acceptable? 

Laurie: If you would like to sponsor me you can follow this link: .  I would really appreciate anything someone would want to donate. Certainly $1 dollar would be acceptable. The money goes to a really great cause and every dollar counts! 
RKDeem: Jaclyn and you made a trip to Paris when you were both in high school. What do you remember most about the trip? Do you have any dirt on your sister doing anything crazy in France? 
Laurie: Well the trip was absolutely amazing. I remember there being a lot of pervy men in Paris. In general though, the people were a lot nicer than the reputation they get. People were extremely helpful and gracious. We also visited the Alsace-Lorrainne region which was beautiful. The natural landscapes were breathtaking, and there were so many amazing castles. It was a really magical place. Well, Jaclyn smoked a cigarette in France which created a lot of controversy. She truly has this amazing ability to charm men in a way that I have never seen. There was this kid Nicholas who fell in love with her. He was a friend of our friend Olivier who we were there to visit. He ended up writing love letters to her when we got back, and even sent one letter where he mapquested our house and made this original artwork out of a map of our neighborhood. It was kind of creepy. 
RKDeem: You’ve done a lot of work as a patient care assistant for kids who require a lot of help. I know you’ve worked with infants/toddlers that require tracheotomy tubes just to breath and I think you’re working now with kids who have autism. There must be situations where things go wrong and you need to step up and help save a kid from dying.  Do you like that part of your job or hate it? Is that the most rewarding aspect of the job, if not, what is? 
Laurie: There have been situations where children’s breathing apparatuses have failed to work properly, or they have a seizure- these situations can be terrifying, but it so important to remain calm. I have always hated having to respond when something wrong happens but20 
always feel such a feeling of relief but also I guess pride when I can help in such a crucial way. That however, is not the most rewarding part of my job. The kids I have worked with in the past are some of the most amazing people I will ever know. I truly enjoy spending time with them. Obviously it is a job and we all got go make a living somehow, but to me it is important to have a job that I enjoy. Being able to play with kids while providing a service is a great way to make a living. 
RKDeem: Another occupation you’ve had was modeling. Most guys I know would be pretty intimidated to ask a model out on a date. Do you think that’s makes sense? If a dude doesn’t have model looks, would he just be wasting his time? What’s your break down when you’re evaluating men? I would say most men break down women like this: 
75% looks 
10% personality 
10% taste in movies/music 
5% career/academics 

Laurie: Yes I did pursue modeling a little when I was in high school. Ultimately it wasn’t for me. I don’t think ones looks should determine their ability to get a date. Obviously, attraction is important when it comes to intimate relationships but, to be honest; and I don’t mean to sound cliché, it is so much important that someone is interesting and funny. In the past I have dated some guys that I know wouldn’t be considered to have model looks but it was their confidence and interests that attract me. When I first see a guy I look more at their style and how they carry themselves before I notice how hot they are. This is my breakdown: 
40% looks 
45% personality 
10% interests (including movies and music) 
5% career/academics 
But honestly, I don’t think guys should be intimidated to approach any kind of woman. Usually if a guy approaches me, as long as they are respectful, I’ll give them a chance to impress me, regardless of their looks. 
RKDeem: I don’t want to get too “deep” with you, but it seems like you’re reaching some sort of crossroads in your life. You’re considering going back to school, you’re boyfriend is in New York, and it doesn’t seem like you’ve pinned down a job that you’re really excited about. What’s your compass right now, how are you figuring out which way is the right direction? 
Laurie: You know, I was really feeling like I needed to find the right job right after I graduated, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m young and I’m probably not going to find my dream job right now. To be honest I don’t really know what Ill end up doing. I have a lot of interests but like I said before I really enjoy working with children.  
I enjoy reading a lot and watching movies and that honestly has helped.  I watched the movie The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and that movie really interested me in pursuing a path of occupational therapy. They movie is about a man who has a stroke and at the surface is about how he tries to get better. I can imagine myself helping people like that, teaching people how to do simple tasks like using a fork or writing their name. I may be rambling on right now, but I know that I need a job where I won’t be sitting at a desk but interacting with people, and most importantly, helping them. 
RKDeem: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is on my list of movies that I cannot wait to see! Here’s the current list: No Country for Old Men, The Diving Bell, and I’m Not There. Well, no matter what direction you head, doing good things for the world is always a good way to go. I really hope people read this and throw $4 or $5 towards your
10k run. It looks like you’re abou $50 way from your goal, $195 out of $250, I hope the RKDeemer’s make it happen. 
Do you have any advice for Winston? 

Laurie: Well my personal mantra in life, which is something someone told me when I was going through a difficult time is: Be true to yourself and fair to others. This most importantly means that you can not live life trying to please others. I 
t’s okay to pursue your own desires just make sure you are doing so in a way that is respectful to the people you love. Also be kind, it is just so much easier than being mean. 
RKDeem: Here’s you chance to say whatever you want to the readers of the blog. Anything you want to say? 
Laurie: I just want to say thanks in advance for anyone who decides to sponsor me at this link: and I hope that everyone decides to vote November 4 even though Robbie isn’t. 
RKDeem: Thank you very much sister-in-Lawrie! I really appreciate you’re time and allowing us a little look into your life. We’ll go to your run on October 19th (it’s a Sunday), I’ll have a giant beer waiting for you at the finish line. 
Laurie: Thank you Rob for interviewing me, and also providing us all such a great blog. It really is da bomb! 

10 thoughts on “Laurie Saves The World

  1. OMG, Laurie, it isn’t too late for us to be blood sistas! I promise I’m 100% drug and disease free! Also, I am so proud of you for running a 10k–that is amazing! Good luck! Maybe you and my dad can be running buddies! (I know, I over-exclamation point.)


  2. Sorry about the white background color, I’m having some technical difficulties. I’m probably not going to fix it though unless it happens on my next blog entry.


  3. Lurie will you go out with me? I will ddo anyting for you. I give money to AIDS and run after you. We can be blood lovers. Date me plase. 50% You50% Me=100% Love


  4. So I find you again my Lovely Juicy Jacquuleen. Z power of the internet has brought us here again. Please write back. I will be sending you night pajamas.


  5. Yo baby, ain’t nothing wrongs with a little aids. I had it and it gone now. You busy tonight. Magic Man is waitin. Help you train for that marathon.


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