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I sat on Google’s toilet seat and got ads.  

Here’s the dealio.  When I set up my website with, they gave me a free blog.  I’ve been posting things pretty steadily over the past year and a half.  I think about 30 to 50 people check my blog on a regular basis, friends, colleagues, family, stalkers, etc.  Then there’s a large amount of people who end up on my blog through search engines.  

GoDaddy posts your blog for free because they have these Google ads that run across the top of the screen, I’m sure you’ve seen them many times before.  If you think your blog is big time, you can decide to pay for your blog ($2.99 a month) and then use Google Ad Sense to run ads on your web site and if enough people click on them, Google will send you a pay check.  I have been telling Jaclyn that I will consider making the jump to a paid blog once I have 500 hits a week.  This week I had close to 1,000 so I bumped up to the paid account (this is part of the reason my blog was down for a couple of days, a problem occured during the upgrade).  

Google’s pretty smart and the ads adjust to whatever content it finds on your blog, with the randomness of my blog, I will be interested to see what ads it posts.  

If you ever see anything remotely interesting on the side, please click it because that click will probably make me 1/10th of a cent, well, I’m not sure how much it will make me, but I’ll keep you posted.  I’ve made some adjustments to the blog layout as well, I think it’s cleaner and more focused.  

Can’t wait to post pictures of the Bulldogs winning the championships on Sunday.  GO PHILLIES!!! 

5 thoughts on “Google Ad Sense – GoDaddy Blog

  1. dude, this will so fail. where did the recent comments list go? not cool. one thing i did like though was this ad:Global Fish MountsHigh Quality Fish mounted Replicas Fiberglass mounted fish replica i wonder if they can mount humans too. i’d get one of dave for above my bed


  2. I just checked my Google Ad Sense Account. It seems like two people have clicked on ads so far and it’s made me $3.30 in the 12 hours it’s been up! If you friends click on ads, it really helps. I added the “Recent Comments” bar on the side of the blog, you ask and you receive!


  3. thanks for recent comments back. i’m sure that guy that writes crazy stuff with a dead web link will appreciate it. also, i think you owe me half the money you make on this since i go to your site 20 times a day. thanks.


  4. Okay, a quick follow-up on Adsense. I think Google is figuring out that the clicks are coming from repeat clickers. If a new clicker comes, that makes their clicks worth more. I think I have a total of 11 clicks so far and it has made me close to $6.


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