Milo & Otis = Horrible Cruelty

Winston and I have been watching a lot of Disney movies lately.  In the past couple months we’ve watched the Jungle Book, Cars, Finding Nemo, Peter Pan, and Ice Age 1 & 2.  I looked deep into my DVD collection to find a copy of Milo & Otis that Jaclyn picked up from the bargain bin at Walmart a couple years ago.  I remember her saying that she absolutely loved the movie and it was one of her favorites growing up. 

I quickly read the back of the movie and saw that it was rated “G” and about a cat and dog that go on an adventure.  It sounded pretty cool, a nice departure from animated movies.  I fired up the DVD player and became suspicious when I saw the opening credits.  All the names of the producers, writers, and directors were all Asian, like Masonori Hata, Satoru Ogatu, and Haruo Shikanai (thanks IMDB for refreshing my memory).  I hope this doesn’t come across racist, I’m not sure if it isn’t, but I was immediately jumping to conclusions that this would be a weird film. 

The movie immediately boarded the crazy train with a somewhat graphic and gratuitous birth scene, with a slimy newborn cat coming out of the mother cat.  The baby cat is named Milo and he becomes friends with a pug named Otis.  Milo hops into a crate tied to a dock, the crate somehow dislodges, and then Milo drifts down a river on a crazy adventure.  Otis chases after Milo to help him out.  It’s a good premise, sounds like a good time, but the events that follow are just a series of horrible cruel experiments designed to test the limits of a poor cat and dog.  I’ve managed to find a couple clips on YouTube and I implore you to check them out.  If I put animals in these types of situations and recorded it, I wouldn’t be surprised if I was put in jail.  The director of this movie makes Michael Vick look like he could be the president of PETA. 

Please scan ahead in this movie to the 5:50 mark, watch the cat get attacked by sea gulls and jump off a 100 foot cliff into the ocean.

Crab Attack – Need I say more


Horrified cat goes down a two story waterfall 20 seconds in this clip

After the movie, you get this message “the animals used were filmed under strict supervision with the utmost care for their safety and well-being”, but it doesn’t go so far to say that no animals were injured or harmed.  I’m too lazy to dig up the microfilm at the library, but there’s allegedly an article in the UK’s Economist magazine that says 30 cats were used in the making of this movie and 10 of them didn’t make it down the red carpet for the premier of the movie. 

Winston and I watched the whole movie, I couldn’t turn away, just plain old morbid curiosity I suppose.

Some follow-ups:

  • Awhile back I told you that I would let you know when I could do 185lbs. for my 50th rep, I did it!  I also managed to do 225lbs for my 25th rep on the bench press.
  • I tried sipping tequila again for the opening game of the World Series.  It’s not working for me, I just can’t do it.
  • Both softball teams I play for are going to the championships.  Sunday we play for the championships in the men’s league and Wednesday we play for the coed league.
  • If you’re looking for a mellow CD perfect for a nice dinner with a hot artsy babe, pick up Ben Sollee’s Learning to Bend.
  • If you need another blog to keep you busy, definitely check out San Diego Dave’s blog, – he’s been dropping new entries left and right and they’re real good.

19 thoughts on “Milo & Otis = Horrible Cruelty

  1. I remember laughing hysterically watching this movie. I should feel bad about that. I’d do it again. Sometimes I take cats and throw them straight up in the air. The neighborhood kids love it when I do that. They ask for it, really.Try your tequila with a splash of water. It’s a good way to work up the courage to go straight. I drink my Dewers on the rocks. The first couple sips are a little rough, but it gets easier with each sip. It’s good stuff.Congrats on the bench reps and softball championship. The question of the hour, though, is whether your swing is better or worse because of the extra muscle. What’s the story morning glory?And I’m glad you are enjoying my blogification.


  2. We don’t know that the cats died. So once you can get over that issue, there are kittens and puppies and Otis rescues a little piglet and a fawn teaches Milo how to bound and leap. What’s not to like?


  3. youre a weak human.I had a video pulled from youtube becasue we taped our cat being thrown into our pool. HE LIKES IT.but weird ass people complained. BOO FN HOO to YOU!IDIOTS. GET A LIFE!THEY ARE ANIMALS.theyre not being abused.People on the animal police end go WAY TOO FAR!THIS WORLD IS BACKWARDS


  4. what a CRY BABY. take your SSRI (lsd/psp derrivative brainwashing meds) My kids are 3 and 4 and they LAUGH WITH it. its an awesome movie.and Dudley Moore did an excellent job.anyone who hates this movie is a product of the brainwashing of the last 30 years of media, period.


  5. You know? Milo and Otis was an AWESOME movie for kids and adults.My kids LOVE IT!THEY ARE ANIMALS. THEY ARE NOT HUMAN BEINGS.IT WAS NOT CRUELTY TO ANIMALS.GET OVER YOURSELVES YOU SELF RIGHTEOUS PIGS!It took them four years to make it.ANYONE ONE who hated this movie or thinks that it was animal abuse is a product of the absolute brainwashing of the last 30 years of your media, period.and has never seen wild kingdom, or watched kittens play and fall off the roof of a house and not get hurt or watched Animal planet and see a lion take down a baby animal or a HUGE animal for food or simply invading their space.or see a LION mother feed a baby gazelle (its own enemy)… probably only to eat it later.ANIMALS ARE NOT PEOPLE!


  6. Oh and by the way about the birthing scene…have you never seen that? and you think thats not appropreiate for kids?Thats REDICULOUS! How many VERY YOUNG kids get to see cows being born or horses or cats or dogs????ITS LIFE! Its not NASTY.PORN IS NASTY AND SICK!animal birth is NOT.


  7. Gerald – you bring up some great points and I am happy you posted. I’m all for cats playing, exploring, falling off the roof of a house, but these scenes were forced upon these animals. It’s not like the cat was just fooling around and decided to jump off a cliff for fun, it was thrown off a cliff by some wacky human. While I say I care about the animals, I guess I’m a bit of a hypocrite since I have no problem eating beef, chicken or fish. My only consolation to the animals is that I usually don’t waste too much of them when I eat them, which probably doesn’t make them feel too much better.


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