The Perk in Perkasie, Ebay Advice, and Bulldogs Championship?

It’s Sunday night and the Phils are about to take the field for game 4 of the World Series.  Speaking of baseball series with historical implications, the Bulldogs were swept in the Championships and continued their futility in the big games.  We’ll get to more on that later. 

After losing the Championship series, we headed to the Perk in Perkasie.  I’ve heard nothing but great things about the place, but all the positives remarks were mostly around the $1 drafts or the half priced appetizers, I think they even have $1 cheesesteaks on some nights.  When people talk about the Perk, they talk about excellent value.  When we arrived at 11:30AM, I was amazed at how clean they keep the place, it was spotless, no smoke, no sticky floors, just a shiny clean little bar.  We ordered a couple of pitchers of beer and everyone ordered lunch.  The cheeseburgers were huge, the cheesesteaks were delicious, and the fries were just right.  I am now officially in love with the Perk. 

Holy smokes, Patti Labelle just sang the National Anthem and it was awesome!  I don’t usually like when people drag it out, but she just rocked it.  I teared up a little.

Back to the Bulldogs.  We got off to a slow start and lost the first game 12-5, the second game we lost 6-5.  The totally frustrating thing was that I had multiple opportunities to win the game, we had the bases loaded with 2 outs and I came up to hit and hit a grounder back to the pitcher, it just sucks to not only let yourself down, but to let your team down.  The good news is that I have another Championship series coming up for my coed team and hopefully I can redeem myself, if not, Jaclyn will probably kick me out of the house and insist that I never see Winston again.

My Ebay advice.  Don’t place a maximum bid, just bid enough to put you in the lead.  I think a lot of sellers have two accounts, one account where they sell their goods and another account where they bid and try to raise the price.  If the raise the price too high and no one buys the product, they can just sell it again or offer a second chance to the buyer.  If you place a maximum bid, Ebay automatically raises your bid to that amount if someone else bids on the product.  I just had an excellent Ebay experience, I got a $160 Swiss Army computer bag for $50. 

The Bulldogs at the Perk (Ed & Andy look cute!)

This is a handmade sign from the Steak & Hoagie Factory in Doylestown, it cracked me up!  I like how the turkey is giving the thumbs up as he’s about to go into the flaming hot cauldron.

4 thoughts on “The Perk in Perkasie, Ebay Advice, and Bulldogs Championship?

  1. i sometimes wonder about the ebay thing also. i try to think the best and that people wouldn’t have 2 accounts, but i’m sure they’re out there. i tend to think the more established “ebay stores” don’t do thing though is that a seller doesn’t want to lose out on a real buy by making themselves the highest bidder. a seller doesn’t know if you have put in a higher max bid so when they bid themselves they are gambling that they won’t be stuck not selling the item to you. f ’em. jim thorpe loves advertising on your site. i’ve decided Scafidi looks like John Kruk. The Kruker.


  2. I noticed those signs in steak and hoagie factory too. They have a crudely drawn pig on a spit with a big dumb smile. It is the reason I got a vegetarian option.


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