More Than One Way To Skin A Cat

I was thinking about McCain & Obama and how they drastically differ on diplomacy.  The expression, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat” came to mind.  I started thinking about the expression and started to think – that’s the weirdest expression I’ve ever heard.  I’ve probably said it a number of times without ever thinking about it.  So let’s search the net and see what we can find: suggests that the expression dates back to 1889 when Mark Twain wrote “she was wise, subtle, and knew more than one way to skin a cat”, this was from A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.

That’s about it, no explanation as to why you’d skin a cat, why you would need multiple ways to skin it, and if cat skinning was ever a necessity of American life.  I tried searching cat skinning in general to see if it was ever a cool thing to do, but didn’t get much information on that subject either.  It’s just a weird saying that’s somehow stuck with us.  I would love it if some of you readers offered some new ways to express that saying in the comments section. 

I did manage to find a University of Cincinnati website dedicated to cat skinning and how it can properly be done.  It turns out they buy them from pet shelters to help control pet population and then use the dead cats to teach anatomy.  Here’s the link, but beware, it’s fairly graphic.  By the way, I wonder what weird ads this entry will generate?

Back to McCain, he made a really funny mistake the other day, here’s the video, it’s hysterical:

Here’s a great cat video, it gets funnier each time I watch it:

3 thoughts on “More Than One Way To Skin A Cat

  1. I am really miserable/depressed over last night’s game. I was in Doylestown at the bars with my friends and you couldn’t find a spot to stand. We were ready to be a part of something we’ve never shared before. We all grew up idolizing Philly teams and players, we had the jerseys, the t-shirts, the posters in our rooms. Here we are, a collection of people from all walks of life, all coming together for a dream we’ve all shared and longed for since we can remember. It wasn’t just our duty to party for ourselves, but we had to be there for the other people to let them know that this dream is real, it’s important to a lot of people, it’s okay to scream, bang pots and pans, shoot fireworks, or break down and cry. It’s a dream we’ve all had for a long time. Some of us have become excruciatingly pessimistic, we expect that the dream will be spoiled by a homerun in the bottom of the ninth by Joe Carter, we expect a horrible fog to come over the field and have our mighty Eagles look lost in the mist, we expect the last second shot by AI to bounce off the rim. Some of us just suppress it, try to ignore, they’ve just been burned too many times, too many teams. But last night was different, we all felt like we were going to clinch that World Series. You could feel the excitement and the buzz, people were so ready hug random strangers and to march out of the bar like heroes. But in the back of our head, that deep and sad Philly mentality started to creep in, “It’s raining awfully hard”, “holy crap, did you see Jimmy Rollins get fooled by that routine pop fly because of the mini-tornado on the field?”, and the puddles started to deepen in the infield. With the game tied halfway through the sixth inning, the officials called the game and people filed out the bar with long faces and the euphoric buzz turned to a wheezing discontent. Back through the rain, all the way home. No championship, no loss, nothing but an open window for doubt and uneasiness to creep into our minds. Good lord I can taste it, we’re so god awful close to winning something huge. We have to shut that window, but I’m too tired to get up.


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