Wacky Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween Chumps!  Well, it’s actually the night before Halloween and Jaclyn is taking all the pumpkins and Halloween decorations off the porch. 

RKDeem:  Hey Jac, why are you taking the Halloween stuff off the porch?

Jac:  It’s mischief night!  I don’t want anyone ruining my stuff!  I like things fun and festive and if someone ruined that stuff, I’d be heartbroken.  (she did carve an intricate design into one pumpkin, a scary looking cat)

RKDeem:  You ever experience mischief on mischief night?

Jac:  Yeah.

RKDeem:  Really?  What happened?

Jac:  In my neighborhood, there’d always be smashed pumpkins the day after, but my family was always good about pulling in our pumpkins.  Sometimes toilet paper would be thrown and cars would be egged, but you’d have to ask for that.

I can’t say I’ve ever experienced mischief night mischief, but I guess it’s good to be vigilant. 

For Halloween, I’ve pulled together some wacky costumes I’ve found on the net.  There’s even a website that’s entirely dedicated to weird costumes, I highly recommend it.

These are awesome dog costumes, but you know the lady who did this is crazy!

Great costume, but it’s even better that they’re just chillen on a street corner

I’m pretty sure this is awesome, but I think the outfit makes her look fat.

This kid won’t need sex ed classes for another 40 years

Oh wait, here’s the Ghostbuster kid 40 years later, nevermind, he’s never getting laid.

You know he’s thinking, “I can’t wait to parlay this costume into inappropriate sword jokes!”

Nacho Baby

Million dollar question here folks…did he paint himself or did someone else paint him? (inappropriate for work, so look at your own risk!)



How come no one’s ever Steven Hawkings for Halloween?  I guess nerds just aren’t cool, but I disagree, less Supermans and more Hawkings!

6 thoughts on “Wacky Halloween Costumes

  1. i clicked on the links on the left hand side on something that said Halloween Masks. it was pretty cool, it made me regret not dressing up. today i clicked on the one that said Sexy halloween costumes and it was awesome. i think we should have a party where all the girls have to order something from that link. click on it, its so sweet. BOING. but why the heck is there an advertisement for Rachel Ray’s diet?


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