Eurotrash Girls

When I was a kid…

Maybe I’m completely wrong, but I swear girls used to aspire to be pretty.  It happened slowly, I think it might have started with leggins, but the outfits girls started to wear became more and more absurd.  I’m not saying that Bucks County fashion world is getting worse or better, but it’s a long way from the Gap outfits that dominated RKDeem’s high school years.  I think there’s definitely more experientation, intentional clashing, and a confident trashiness about it, it seems so European.  I think a pretty girl in a pretty dress might just get made fun of or beaten up now days. 

Last night I played the last game of the regular season for my Wednesday night team.  If you recall, I was trying to become the MVP of the league, I may come up just short.  I hit a homerun and almost hit another, but the outfielder reached over the fence and snagged it before it went out of the ballpark.  We will see what ends up happening, but it was a good season for me none the less.  After the game, The Edman and I went to the bar and caught the end of the Phillies game and saw them clinch their series allowing them to proceed to the World Series.  Everyone was happy, shots were being poured, people were celebrating, and for the next week, smiles will be on the faces of all things Philadelphia.  I think we need to watch some World Series games together, who’s going to host the party, I nominate Jay, I’ll bring the Miller Lite.  I also promise to clean up any mess if Jaclyn gives birth at your house while the game is on.  

By the way, speaking of Jaclyn, I want to say women are the best.  I came home from work yesterday to see little snakes on our sidewalk, a bat on the mailbox, and a spooky sign on our door that says, “Enter if you dare”.  My amazing wife decorated the house for Halloween.  She does so much to make things festive, that is very cool. 

I read a quote by Mark Twain today, it made me want to take Winston all over the world:
Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.

Dumb and Dumber is a very funny movie, one of my favorite parts of the movie takes place in front of a 7/11.  Here’s a website dedicated to that scene: 

A couple more photos from Jim Thorpe:
Deer Slayer = Cool

Luckily for these turkeys, I am no Turkey Slayer.  I am a Turkey Photographer.  I shot these turkeys with my camera while driving to our house in the Poconos, they were about a block away and didn’t care that I was in my honda pulled up right next to them.  Ben Franklin knew what he’s talking about, they are bad ass birds. 

Jim Thorpe & Long Weekend In The Poconos

The Mighty Deem has turned 30 in style. 

On Friday, we took off for the Poconos around noon and we made a pit stop at the Big Brown Fish Trout Hatchery.  Big Brown Fish Hatchery is the perfect place to take a kid fishing, or a guy who just turned 30 and really wanted to easily catch some trout.  They stock the lake and absolutely pack it with trout, there’s so many trout that it’s impossible not to see them, every square yard of the lake probably has 2 or 3 trout swimming in it.  We spent about 30 minutes walking around and checking out the fish, then I tied on a lure and cast it into the lake.  The first fish was a nice brown trout and the second was a smaller rainbow trout.  We had enough for dinner and the dude working there filleted them for me.  Admission, the fish, and the cleaning of the fish came to less than $20, not bad for a dinner for two and some fun fishing. 

Here’s a picture of me with the brown trout, I pretended to bite him before Jaclyn took the picture.  He shook out of my hands, the lure came out of his mouth and went deep into my finger.  I really had to yank the lure pretty hard to get it out of my finger, it was the first time in 30 years that this happened to me, it was a mistake that I hope takes at least 30 more years to happen again.

We took the trout to our house in the Poconos and put them on the grill while the Phils put a beating on the LA Dodgers, as my friend Lou Reed would say, “What a perfect day”.

On Saturday, we explored Jim Thorpe and the nearby park called Glen Onoko.  Apparently, there’s huge waterfalls at Glen Onoko, but they required a 2 mile hike that wasn’t suitable for a woman almost 9 months pregnant.  Jim Thorpe is a picture perfect town.  The chamber of commerce said it used to be the #2 honeymoon destination on the east coast, right behind Niagara Falls.  It was referred to as America’s Little Switzerland because of similar geologic traits with the mountains, gorges and the town nestled in the valley.  Jim Thorpe never lived there, in fact, he never set foot in Jim Thorpe (while alive), but when he died, the town purchased his remains and buried him there to boost tourism.  If some town wants to name themselves after me, I give Jaclyn the okay to sell my remains/ashes to Deemtown or should we just call it Rob Deem? 

I asked Jaclyn how Jim Thorpe died, she said it was a “death that came too soon, it was tragic, I’m pretty sure alcoholism had a part in it too”.  I said, you’re crazy – you’re confusing him with Ira Hayes or some other Native American, Jim Thorpe was a sports hero, he couldn’t have died in such a depressing fashion.  We asked the old lady working at the Chamber of Commerce, I asked, “How did Jim Thorpe die?”  she said, “His heart stopped”.  I felt vindicated, see Jaclyn, he died because of a heart attack.  But then the old woman continued, “it is actually quite depressing, he became a terrible alcoholic and that had a lot to do with his downfall.”  Shucks, chalk another point up for Jaclyn, she must prove me wrong at least once a day. 

By the way, Jim Thorpe was a pretty good athlete, he won gold medals at the Olympics for the pentathlon and decathlon and he played professional football, baseball and basketball.

One last bit of Jim Thorpe history.  America’s coal minors in the 1800’s unionized to fight for better wages.  A secret detective sniffed out the leaders of this secret union (who were called the Molly Maguires) and ratted them out to the coal bosses.  The coal bosses had them sent to prison and 20 of them were hung to death.  7 of them were hung at the prison in Jim Thorpe which is still there, including the gallows.  One of the people who was hung stuck his hand on the wall in his jail cell and said his hand print would remain there forever to prove his innocence.  We saw the handprint and had a good time strolling around prison on our vacation.

I want to thank the great friends for coming and showing me a wonderful time.  It really made this monumental birthday one hell of a celebration.

Now for some pictures:
Here’s a weird tunnel we found at the Glen Onoko Park, I pretended to be a mythical creature walking in the cave.
Jay was sad that the Bulldogs had to forfeit the next day.

Jack and I chillin’ in the hot tub

Laurie and Lev or Abercrombie Models?

Lauren’s famous taco dip was an official highlight of the party

Ed & Rose and a Miller Lite that came up to celebrate.

Scariest picture of birthday cake ever.

Bad Assets

I listen to NPR on my way to and from work.  With the whole financial crisis, the radio announcers keep referring to “bad assets”.  I get excited every time because I think Terry Gross is going to say “bad ass”, but she always finishes it off with the “ets”.

I’m heading to the Pocono’s tomorrow.  We’ll take some pictures, I’ll post a story, but here’s something to look forward to, everyone’s bringing a mix CD and I’ll grade them and tell you my favorite songs from each of them. 

The Phillies are down 2-0, Jimmy Rollins is up with 2 men on base.  I am posting now before I know what happens. 


History of RKDeem – Goodbye Twenties

(note: written a few days before my actual birthday – October 7th) 
1998 – Twenty year old RKDeem is living in a huge off-campus house in
Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. The house was a block off campus down a
monstrous hill. I was one of the few Sophomores who managed to get
off-campus housing and my roommates were all over 21. To make a long
story short, we were all evicted for throwing elaborate parties and
eventually being exposed by undercover newspaper reporters. 
1999 – I assembled a crazy group of friends at Bloomsburg in my
Sophomore party house. Before the eviction in 1998, I had agreed to
live with all of these crazy guys in 1999. I was twenty-one and allowed
to drink, but because of frequent disturbances, the town of Bloomsburg
instituted a “3-strike you’re out policy”. If the police showed up at
your house 3 times, you would be evicted. I was a nervous wreck, my
roommates were crazy and if I got kicked out of two houses in two
years, my family would have killed me. I have some insane stories from
these years, I’ll have to write them all down. The cops had already
been called on our house 2 times at the end of the first semester. We
were on high alert, we needed to keep cool, try to keep things quiet,
we would only party at other people’s houses. Anyways, one of my
roommates goes to a party and gets really intoxicated. He walks out of
the party20and a yellow Volvo pulls up and the people inside make fun of
him. He runs up to the Volvo and kicks it. Four huge football players
exit the car and beat my roommate to a bloody pulp. I had a huge test
the next day and I was at home studying. In walks my roommate with
ripped clothing, one shoe, blood all over him, and half of his teeth
missing. I said, “Whoa, Dan – what the hell happened to you?” He
staggered back and forth, paused and then started to scream at the top
was a difficult situation to negotiate, on one hand I was really
concerned for his health, on the other, I was horrified that the cops
would be called because the next time they showed up, we’d be evicted.
He wouldn’t stop screaming about how he was a warrior, so I called the
cops and said, “My roommate got beaten up pretty bad, he’s screaming in
pain. I’m hoping you can evaluate him, file a report to hopefully catch
the perpetrators and maybe get him medical assistance if necessary.”
The cops came and said, “Oh yeah, we saw this guy, we found his other
shoe, but he refused to take it.” Luckily, Dan quieted down and we
never were evicted. 
2000 – Sick of hanging out in Bloomsburg, hanging out with all the
malcontents drinking kegs in gloomy baseme 
nts, I decided to move back
home and attend Temple. I worked at the Doylestown Bookshop and
Heller’s Seafood. I believe I met Jaclyn at this time. She skipped into
Heller’s with a pair of concert tickets. She was so excited, filled
with happiness, I had to meet her. 
2001 – Continued going to Temple, quit the bookshop and just worked at
Heller’s Seafood. On 9/11, my mom and I were watching the horrifying
events on the TV, she said I couldn’t miss class. I told her she was
crazy, but she insisted, and told me to go to school. Instead, I left
home and went to Heller’s Seafood and watched our country be attacked
on a small TV placed on a cutting board. 
2002 – Graduated. Got a job with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. I have nothing,
absolutely nothing positive to say about my experience with Enterprise,
it was the worst job imaginable. Forced to wear business attire while
washing and vacuuming cars in the middle of summer or the dead of
winter. I remember washing a car and the soap and water would freeze
before I could towel it off. It also didn’t help that I had to work
Saturdays and I made less money than I made at Heller’s. 
2003 – Got a job at Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Worked at the same company
my mom worked at, which was very cool. I got to travel, made lots more
money, and felt like I was well on my way to being a big-timer 

2004 – Janssen went through a restructuring process and I ended up at
another J&J company, Ortho-McNeil. Got a promotion, but continued to
make the same salary. 
2005 – The drug I worked on, Ultracet went generic and they pulled the
plug on all marketing efforts. I needed to find a new job, I
contemplated going into the field as a sales representative, but
decided to go to an agency, Torre Lazur McCann, instead. Jaclyn and I
finally started hanging out on a regular basis, we talked every night
and every thing was wonderful. We went to the saddest concert ever,
Bright Eyes in NYC. After the concert, no one clapped, we just felt sad
and caught a cab back to our hotel. We roamed around Times Square
looking for some late night gourmet, nothing was open, we ended up in
an impostor Euro café and snacked on some stale pastries. I moved into
Frenchtown with Dave, we fished a lot, played lots of video games, and
wasted a lot of nights at Errico’s Bar. One of my favorite moments was
when I received a surprise visit from Jaclyn, I was sitting on my
couch, watching a movie on my 65” TV and then I saw Jaclyn sprinting at
full speed by my windows, a second later, the door flung open and I got
a huge hug and kiss from my surprise visitor from Scranton. 
2006 – Where to begin? Jaclyn moved in with me and Dave moved out to
San Diego. A pregnancy test reveale 
d we needed to prepare for a new
roommate. We planned a magnificent wedding at Font Hill and had the
most wonderful honeymoon in Key West. In Key West, we bought some cheap
goggles and swam out into the ocean to a big pile of rocks. We dove
under water and looked into the crevices and found a big grouper
looking at us from his little cave. One of my favorite moments was on
the ride down to Key West, there’s a marina called Robbie’s and wild
tarpon (they are about as big as San Diego Dave) swim around the docks.
 They’ll sell you a bucket of herring and you can hang them over the
dock and the tarpon will jump out of the water and grab them from your
hand. I loved watching Jaclyn feed the tarpon. I remember eating almost
every meal right on the water, schools of fish would swim up and down
the docks, like little dogs begging for food.

2007 – We had no idea if it was going to a boy or a girl, but we found
out on January 4th. Winston joined the world and the place hasn’t been
the same since. My parents have always said I was the craziest kid
they’ve ever seen and it appears karma has run its course and we’ve
been blessed with a wild little maniac. Having a baby makes you
appreciate two things: 1. how much your parents did for you 2. sleep 
2008 – The year started with a dream vacation to Cabo San Lucas where I

aught my first Marlin and ate tacos and drank beer in the most perfect
taco joint ever. I’m currently sitting in a cube, quietly listening to
the Phillies radio broadcast as they take on the Brewers in a playoff
game. We have another little one on the way who should be here in time
to eat Thanksgiving Dinner with us. The last five movies I’ve seen are
The Junglebook, The Little Mermaid, Curious George, Finding Nemo, and
Baby Mama. I look back at the beginning of my twenties and see how far
I’ve come. It just shows you how life’s journey can take you anywhere
and you can’t take one day for granted. I love twenty year old Animal
House version of myself just as much as I love the life I have now. 
What’s next? The great thing is that I have no idea. I’ll keep working,
loving, learning, and trying to make the world a little bit better.
I’ll be spending a long weekend in the Pocono’s with some good friends
and some good beer, just relaxing and realizing how good life can be.
Happy Birthday to me.

Laurie Saves The World

Above:  A pic of Laurie rockin’ a foam party on the beach

My sister-in-law, Laurie, is training for a 10K run, I had a chance to ask her a couple questions about the race and she even spilled the beans on Jaclyn’s forbidden romance in France. Have a wonderful weekend, I’ll be preparing to turn 30 (October 7th). 

RKDeem: Thanks for letting us get a little taste of what’s going on in the life of Laurie. 
Laurie Thanks for allowing me to do so.: 
RKDeem: I hear you’re training for a 10k run, that’s over 6 miles. How are you training for this big event? 
Laurie: My biggest challenge will be just to build my endurance. Im really a novice runner, I just started running a month and a half ago, and I’m now able to do about three and half miles. So over the next month I’ll just be running a lot and do other work outs to just get my aerobic endurance up. I love doing spinning class which helps a lot. 
RKDeem: What possessed you to make the decision to participate in a 10k run? 
Laurie: Well a good friend of mine from school is participating and convinced me to do so. I wanted to participate in a 5k but I thought that this would be great personal challenge. Also I really support the cause. The money raised in this event will go to providing resources for HIV/AIDS patients in the Delaware Valley as well as funding education on prevention. That to me is the most important part.  AIDS is one of the few 100% preventable diseases and I know for myself learning about it when I was in elementary school scared me enough to never do drugs or have unprotected sex. I even turned down be a blood sister with a fellow RKDeemReport reader for fear of contracting AIDS. There is so much positive being done with the latest drugs for treating AIDS that it seems like less of a death sentence, but it is still so important for people to realize it is a serious threat, and learn how to protect themselves. 
RKDeem: Is someone wanted to contribute, how would they? If I only wanted to contribute $1, would that be acceptable? 

Laurie: If you would like to sponsor me you can follow this link: .  I would really appreciate anything someone would want to donate. Certainly $1 dollar would be acceptable. The money goes to a really great cause and every dollar counts! 
RKDeem: Jaclyn and you made a trip to Paris when you were both in high school. What do you remember most about the trip? Do you have any dirt on your sister doing anything crazy in France? 
Laurie: Well the trip was absolutely amazing. I remember there being a lot of pervy men in Paris. In general though, the people were a lot nicer than the reputation they get. People were extremely helpful and gracious. We also visited the Alsace-Lorrainne region which was beautiful. The natural landscapes were breathtaking, and there were so many amazing castles. It was a really magical place. Well, Jaclyn smoked a cigarette in France which created a lot of controversy. She truly has this amazing ability to charm men in a way that I have never seen. There was this kid Nicholas who fell in love with her. He was a friend of our friend Olivier who we were there to visit. He ended up writing love letters to her when we got back, and even sent one letter where he mapquested our house and made this original artwork out of a map of our neighborhood. It was kind of creepy. 
RKDeem: You’ve done a lot of work as a patient care assistant for kids who require a lot of help. I know you’ve worked with infants/toddlers that require tracheotomy tubes just to breath and I think you’re working now with kids who have autism. There must be situations where things go wrong and you need to step up and help save a kid from dying.  Do you like that part of your job or hate it? Is that the most rewarding aspect of the job, if not, what is? 
Laurie: There have been situations where children’s breathing apparatuses have failed to work properly, or they have a seizure- these situations can be terrifying, but it so important to remain calm. I have always hated having to respond when something wrong happens but20 
always feel such a feeling of relief but also I guess pride when I can help in such a crucial way. That however, is not the most rewarding part of my job. The kids I have worked with in the past are some of the most amazing people I will ever know. I truly enjoy spending time with them. Obviously it is a job and we all got go make a living somehow, but to me it is important to have a job that I enjoy. Being able to play with kids while providing a service is a great way to make a living. 
RKDeem: Another occupation you’ve had was modeling. Most guys I know would be pretty intimidated to ask a model out on a date. Do you think that’s makes sense? If a dude doesn’t have model looks, would he just be wasting his time? What’s your break down when you’re evaluating men? I would say most men break down women like this: 
75% looks 
10% personality 
10% taste in movies/music 
5% career/academics 

Laurie: Yes I did pursue modeling a little when I was in high school. Ultimately it wasn’t for me. I don’t think ones looks should determine their ability to get a date. Obviously, attraction is important when it comes to intimate relationships but, to be honest; and I don’t mean to sound cliché, it is so much important that someone is interesting and funny. In the past I have dated some guys that I know wouldn’t be considered to have model looks but it was their confidence and interests that attract me. When I first see a guy I look more at their style and how they carry themselves before I notice how hot they are. This is my breakdown: 
40% looks 
45% personality 
10% interests (including movies and music) 
5% career/academics 
But honestly, I don’t think guys should be intimidated to approach any kind of woman. Usually if a guy approaches me, as long as they are respectful, I’ll give them a chance to impress me, regardless of their looks. 
RKDeem: I don’t want to get too “deep” with you, but it seems like you’re reaching some sort of crossroads in your life. You’re considering going back to school, you’re boyfriend is in New York, and it doesn’t seem like you’ve pinned down a job that you’re really excited about. What’s your compass right now, how are you figuring out which way is the right direction? 
Laurie: You know, I was really feeling like I needed to find the right job right after I graduated, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m young and I’m probably not going to find my dream job right now. To be honest I don’t really know what Ill end up doing. I have a lot of interests but like I said before I really enjoy working with children.  
I enjoy reading a lot and watching movies and that honestly has helped.  I watched the movie The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and that movie really interested me in pursuing a path of occupational therapy. They movie is about a man who has a stroke and at the surface is about how he tries to get better. I can imagine myself helping people like that, teaching people how to do simple tasks like using a fork or writing their name. I may be rambling on right now, but I know that I need a job where I won’t be sitting at a desk but interacting with people, and most importantly, helping them. 
RKDeem: The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is on my list of movies that I cannot wait to see! Here’s the current list: No Country for Old Men, The Diving Bell, and I’m Not There. Well, no matter what direction you head, doing good things for the world is always a good way to go. I really hope people read this and throw $4 or $5 towards your
10k run. It looks like you’re abou $50 way from your goal, $195 out of $250, I hope the RKDeemer’s make it happen. 
Do you have any advice for Winston? 

Laurie: Well my personal mantra in life, which is something someone told me when I was going through a difficult time is: Be true to yourself and fair to others. This most importantly means that you can not live life trying to please others. I 
t’s okay to pursue your own desires just make sure you are doing so in a way that is respectful to the people you love. Also be kind, it is just so much easier than being mean. 
RKDeem: Here’s you chance to say whatever you want to the readers of the blog. Anything you want to say? 
Laurie: I just want to say thanks in advance for anyone who decides to sponsor me at this link: and I hope that everyone decides to vote November 4 even though Robbie isn’t. 
RKDeem: Thank you very much sister-in-Lawrie! I really appreciate you’re time and allowing us a little look into your life. We’ll go to your run on October 19th (it’s a Sunday), I’ll have a giant beer waiting for you at the finish line. 
Laurie: Thank you Rob for interviewing me, and also providing us all such a great blog. It really is da bomb! 

A Place to Stay In San Diego – Interview Continued





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Here’s the final half of the interview with San Diego Dave.  The first half begins in the entry below, titled “Camden Aquarium”. 

RKDeem:  We’ve been
friends since third grade, I guess for over 20 years now, why do you think we
became friends and do you think the friend dynamic in third grade is the same
as it is now?


Dave:  I think you may
have used me as an excuse to fish the Neshaminy Creek back in the day of
parents carting us around, but I won’t hold that against you. We has some of
the greatest summers back in the day, roaming free for miles of fresh water
fishing. I think the main things that have stood the test of time are our love
of nature, music, and video games. Although the encounters in the online gaming
world are dissipating, we will always have music and nature to share. There is
also a type of person that is always looking for an adventure. It doesn’t
matter if the adventure is in your backyard playing badminton, or across the
country partying with doctors in Los
Angeles, you and I have always been the type of people
to make shit happen. This will never change.


RKDeem:  You’ve been
taking Kung Fu for awhile now, do you learn moves that can kill people or just
enough to hold them into submission while you wait for the police to come? 

Dave: My normal lesson in Kung Fu deals a lot with strikes to break bones and
joint locking, and while I haven’t started training with weapons yet, I still
think I could dish out a pretty good hurtin’. And although I would have said
the same thing without the Kung Fu training, I do feel a lot more in tune with
my body. It’s funny, while learning techniques to defend myself from a
particular attack, my instructor always asks, “Now what do you want to do?” The
answer is always, “Distract him with pain!” So the moves are meant to cripple
your opponent with more pain than they can handle.


RKDeem:  Do you think
that if you became a grand master of Kung Fu, you could beat up Moose? 


Dave: No, even Moose couldn’t beat up Moose.


RKDeem:  There’s been
a lot of talk around global warming, terrorist regimes greatly profiting from
the United States addiction to oil, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the
cancellation of Veronica Mars, do you get caught up in this stuff, worry about
any of it? 


Dave: On a motorcycle I’m using less gas than the average
American. I recycle by giving homeless people my glass, aluminum, and plastic
so they cash it in to buy booze. I live in a military town. But that’s about
it. There are definitely things to think about every day, and some people spend
all their energy to worry about these things. I’m not one of those people. I
found a gas station that sells gas for a penny less than the average gallon, I
ride a motorcycle around the coast, I swim in the Pacific ocean at least a
couple times a week, listen to obscure music through the needle of a record
player, and eat dinner with a wonderful woman, again, at least a few times a
week. Call it selfish, but my world is doing just fine. I’ll do what I can to
help, and won’t assume that I can change the world.


RKDeem:  I believe
you’ve been dating Jen for awhile now, how’s having a girl in your life
affecting your lifestyle?


Dave:  Well, I eat a
lot better. Jen is a great cook and feeds me regularly. Seriously, I am so
happy to have Jen in my life. Our relationship has come a long, long way and I
am very proud to not only be where I am, but also be where we are as a couple.
She is so good to me, and I cherish every single day I am blessed to share with


RKDeem:  When are you
giving up cigarettes?


Dave: I’m working on it.


RKDeem:  Tell us about
your job, what you do.


Dave: I work as a Graphic Design Manager and basically own
everything that our Marketing Department uses as collateral, as well as the
assets that make up our on-line marketplace. On any given week, because of past
and current contributions I have made, my company makes tens of thousands of
dollars. I am very lucky to be where I am, and look forward to getting
everything I can out of this company while it’s ripe for the picking.


RKDeem:  Is this your
dream job or do you see yourself doing something different in a couple years?


Dave: What job is a dream job? I’m pretty sure that no
matter what I am doing, the grass will always be a little greener on the other
side of the fence. I love what I do, and am lucky to be getting paid reasonably
well to do it. That’s good enough for now. I always have my eyes and ears open
to new opportunities, and will probably start investigating what those might be
in another year or two.


RKDeem:  You were a
big fan of The Moose, the bar/club in Doylestown.  Why do you think you liked the bar so much?


Dave: It was a comfort zone. Just like any bar, it breeds
alcoholics, and anyone is welcome to join the team. Anyone that is at least a
little exceptional will be admired in a crowd of drunken delinquents. I think I
felt that. I liked shooting pool, playing mega-touch, drinking beer, meeting
easy women, and listening to music. You can guess why it’s easy to make
yourself comfortable sitting on a bar stool.


RKDeem:  I planning on
asking all my interviewees this question; any advice for Winston?


Dave: Take good care of your teeth, and never wear shoes
that are more than 2 sizes too small. Your toenails will turn black and fall
off. Trust me.


RKDeem:  Do you have
any words for the RKDeemers out there? 
The floor is yours.


Dave: Hey peeps of blogdom, here’s my shameless plug. I’m
sure you’ll need more useless information after you are done witnessing RK Drop
Some Deem. Swing by my blog and say hello ( You
need a bribe? I’ll include you on my mailing list where I send you free stuff.
Also, do youself a favor and check out Conor Oberst November 7th at Messiah College (
when he comes to town. You will not be disappointed.


RKDeem:  If any of us
are in San Diego,
can we crash at your place?


Dave: I’ll leave a key under my doormat. Just let yourself
in. And if you wait there ‘til I get back from work, I’ll cook you dinner and
even teach you how to surf.


RKDeem:  Thank you for
your thoughts and perspective.  As
always, it’s been an absolute pleasure and I am a better person for knowing
you.  Keep it real on Pacific Coast Time.


Dave: I’m honored that you’d give me your platform for a few
minutes. I love you like a brother. Now I gotta go take a cold shower and
prepare for the crash from all these uppers. Withdrawal is a bitch.

Here’s a picture of Dave chilling out with Brett Myers of the Phillies – read the first entry in Dave’s blog to discover how that happened:

Here’s a picture of a Triumph Motorcycle: