Breaking the Law for Girl Talk

By now, most of you have probably heard of Girl Talk. Girl Talk is a DJ who mashes up hundreds of songs to create new songs made up entirely of other people’s music. Imagine dropping off every crates filled with records of every song you’ve listened to over the past ten years and then having some DJ with a severe case of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder mix up all the music to make a party CD. Several seconds of the Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony mixed with the Ying Yang Twin’s explicit Wait, or imagine Arrested Development’s Tennessee mixed against Oasis’ Wonderwall. These two examples happen in track one. Each track is filled with these snippets of great songs, but the snippets happen quickly and as soon as you start to feel a song, it moves onto something new. 
To be perfectly honest, I started listening to this CD this morning on my way to the gym. There were cool moments, but overall, I felt the pace was too frantic to be enjoyable. That’s until I left the gym, stopped at the Target and picked up an Amp energy drink. After a couple sips of the caffeine packed beverage, I was totally feeling this CD, it was on the verge of the best thing I’ve heard in years. I’m pretty sure without the Amp, the CD would go back to being tolerable. 
Unfortunately, it’s illegal for Girl Talk to sell this CD because no single record company profits from it (it uses pieces of music from all the record companies and they don’t know how to share so it’s banned). To obtain a copy of this CD you would have to do some shady downloading. You would have to download a file sharing product like Limewire (it’s free) and look it up and download it with the risk of being tracked down by the music police and thrown into the music slammer. Or, I could just give you a copy for free. In fact, I have a couple copies burnt and just sitting in my car, so if I drive by you on the street, I could just throw it out the window to you. 
So, is it worth breaking the law for Girl Talk? I’m not sure, I think it’s a pretty interesting CD, but you definitely need to be in the right mood or hepped up on Amp. I would say it would be worth about 2 minutes in jail or a $5 fine. 

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12 thoughts on “Breaking the Law for Girl Talk

  1. so even though you said most of us have probably heard of Girl Talk, i have not. I was hoping you were talking about a teenage board game similar to Mall Madness.a couple of years ago i came across a mashup guy that puts his stuff out there for free. its pretty good. i don’t think the transitions from song to song are quite as fast as what you described and sometimes ceratin beats are played over each other and sound like a cool new (but familiar) song. check them out. the first one is pretty good and there are some good white stripes mashes. a couple of oldies too that the baby boomers might like., lots of girl talk ad links now! mention the words hot babe a lot in your next post and see what kind of links we get.


  2. Two things:1. In the off chance Jen Walton reads this blog, it is not me who posts these messages. 2. Wow, sorry for assuming you’ve all heard of Girl Talk, I guess my only readers are out-of-touch losers! I’ll throw you a copy so you’re in the know.


  3. did you guys know that george harrison didn’t even write the song Got my mind set on you? wasn’t even the original recorder. i’m happy it never reached #1 now. BS!sometimes when i find out that the song i know wasn’t written by the artist i thought it was or by the person who made it famous i get kind of upset. its like the person who made it famous just got lucky, right place right time. it devalues the famous version in my mind.somebody else weigh in on this. also can we start a list of songs made famous by one person that most people don’t know were written or originally performed by someone else? I think Got my mind set on you is a good start to this list. some facts:Got My Mind Set on You” is a song written by Rudy Clark and originally recorded by James Ray in 1962. The song went to #2 on the United World Chart, kept off the top spot by George Michael’s “Faith”.


  4. JJ Cale originally wrote and performed Cocaine, After Midnight, and They Call Me The Breeze. Only to receive marginal fame that was only afforded after Clapton and Skynard made them megahits.


  5. I write all my own material. You’ve probably heard a lot of it sampled and played on the radio without giving me credit. My dad says my lyrics are very moving. They play my albums at their dinner parties.


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