Helping People Out

There’s a lot of people losing their jobs, losing money, and struggling to make ends meet out there.  Yesterday’s headlines shouted Citi’s plans to layoff 53,000 more employees.  That number is pretty hard for me to comprehend, that’s a lot of people who are going into the holiday with a giant cloud over them.  I know it’s a pendulum and things will swing towards prosperity again, but I feel awful about people who will try to forgo heat this winter or who can’t afford proper meals over the holiday.  With all of this stuff weighing on me, I decided to write the local food bank in Doylestown to see what I could do.  They requested holiday food items or baking goods.  They also recommended foods that are kid friendly.  The food bank in Doylestown is right up the road from me on Old Dublin Pike, if you Google “Doylestown Food Bank” it will come up.  There’s food banks in every neighborhood, so I hope some of you also check it out and give some cranberry sauce, soups, and maybe a box of fruit rollups for the kids.  What’s especially nice is that you’re helping out your neighbors and not someone across the country, this contribution makes your community better. 

By the way, I am a news junkie, I’ve been a loyal guy for years, but now I have a new favorite news website, .  It’s not fancy, but it is usually one day ahead of any other news source, what you read on the drudge report today, will be tomorrow’s news on CNN. 

Cabin Fever is already driving me mad, I can’t wait for it to warm up so I can go back to doing all the stuff I love, maybe we should just move to the Florida Keys. 

Not too much to report, the kids are keeping us very busy. 

3 thoughts on “Helping People Out

  1. Where I work we have a food bank as well. The food will go to families in need. Check Check Check Check it out: if you want to give me food I can take it to the bank as well. We have a location in Dtown too.


  2. Wow, Barack took some time out of his busy day to post on my blog. He must have been in a real hurry because he spelled his name wrong. I’ll be contributing plenty of money to Barack with my generous political sponsorship (taxes). The site Laurie provided has an excellent sheet of recommended items to donate.


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