My Favorite Meals In Doylestown

Let me start off by saying that I have two small children and haven’t ate at the “fancy” places in Doylestown for awhile.  My favorite local fancy places are all outside of Doylestown – Marsha Brown’s, Hamilton Grillroom, and the Black Bass.  Unfortunately, the Black Bass was closed down a year or two ago because it was taken over by new ownership, the new owner is Jack Thompson, the guy who owns Thompson BMW, Thompson Toyota, Thompson Lexus, etc.  The Black Bass website  has a section dedicated to the history of the place with some amazing old pictures.  I loved that place because it was super old (built in 1745), but didn’t feel old, it felt like a great timeless place, a perfect spot for a romantic dinner, and the food was always hearty and superb.  I can’t wait for renovations to be completed and to eat there again in the Spring.  The bar was really awesome too, pretty amazing to catch a drink in the same spot as a Hessian soldier 200 years earlier and usually someone with some talent was playing a piano nearby, just perfect.  

So here’s my favorite meals in Doylestown:
Summer To Be Scene – If it’s summer and I want to be in the scene, I’ll probably grab an outdoor table at Cafe America, grab a $10 bucket of tiny Coronas and enjoy their nachos while trying to decide with burrito to order.  Their burritos are huge and a notch above any other burrito in Pennsylvania.  You could definitely take a girl on a date here, only issue is that it gets crowded because it’s a fairly tiny space.

Fancy Sandwich – If you’re on jury duty, go to Lilly’s and get the best sandwich you’ve ever had

Best Cheesesteak or Hoagie – Steak & Hoagie Factory, Primo’s is a close second in the hoagie department, but the crust on their rolls is a tiny bit too hard for my liking, but the crusty roll is good if you like oil and vinegar

Best “Fancy” Meal On A Budget
– Cafe Alessio wins this one hands down.  The reason I like Cafe Allesio is because it has everything.  I originally thought of this place as an Italian Restaurant, but it really offers a lot more, including sushi…?  Anyways, it’s a BYOB which is super fantastic as well, if you’re grabbing your girl right after work and forgot the wine, there’s a wine & spirits store right across the street. 

Best Pizza – I have to go with Italian Delight, but I have to admit that I didn’t give Spatola’s a shot.  I recently had Nat’s and they disappointed me.  Papa John’s has the easiest online ordering system (which is key for people like me who hate interacting with people & they deliver), but when it comes down to it, Italian Delight rules Doylestown.  Not a good place to take a date, even if you’re in high school.  If you want to take a date to a pizza joint, you’re much better off with Jules, plus Jules is another Doylestown BYOB.  

Best Italian Restaurant – Domani Star rocks, it’s a BYOB, but it’s another place that’s hidden into a small, small spot.  This meal will set you back about $40 more than Cafe Alessio, but I think it’s well worth it for a special occasion.

Best Indian Place – There’s only one in Doylestown and I never ate there.

Best Chinese Place – There isn’t one.  Hong Kong Jacks is overpriced and pretty small servings, Golden Chopsticks is better, but still fairly expensive for deep fried food.  Best bet is to do the next option below.

Best Thai – Spice Thai Cuisine – it’s right up the road from the County Theatre, if you have a group of 4 or more, consider the appetizer sampler, it’s huge and glorious.

Best Sushi – I am not a sushi snob, I usually don’t go too deep into the menu to find whale sperm and black bass ear wax, give me a spicy tuna roll, california roll, salad, miso soup, and Sapporo beer and I’m happy.  Ooka has it all and does it in a nicer environment than Madam Butterfly.  Ooka looks great and keeps the habachi separated from the calming fung shui dining area.    

Best Bagel – The Bagel Barrel needs some competition, they make a great bagel and great sandwiches, but the long lines and high prices turn me off.  There’s a nice bakery behind the McDonald’s & 7/11 called Mary Ann’s, that’s the place to go for your bagel fix or to satisfy your sweet tooth.  

Cheap Eats – The Hot Spot.  The hot spot is just a great place when you can’t make up your mind, feed you family for under $20 and it’s really good food.    

I’m interesting on hearing your opinions about Knighthouse, Freighthouse, Black Walnut, Paganinni’s, and anything else I missed.

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Meals In Doylestown

  1. Cross Culture (Indian) is very good and is a BYOB. Buy beers at Mesquito Grill and walk over. Honey is also interesting -don’t go if you’re real hungry, but worth checking out. Freighthouse food is very hit or miss and extremely expensive considering your dining feet away from a slew of divorcees getting their dance on to gwen stefani.


  2. I think it’s lame that you guys log in as people you barely know and write negative stuff. I heard that some of the people you wrote about a while ago have seen this stuff because they backed into your site through another one. The little things as me are nothing, but Sara, the Waltons, etc. what do you get personally out of that? I have no idea what your interactions are or were that makes you dislike them, but the posting stuff as them is strange.


  3. I guess I should be more proactive about going into the comments and weeding them out. My blog has always been about giving people a spot to chime in and waste some time with tiny pieces of information from my life. Moving forward, I’ll try to go through the comments on a weekly basis and remove negative pieces of info. My apologies, want this to be good for all.


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