Business Trip – Rainman Style

Monday, November 24. 2:45AM – Alarm goes off, I stumble out of bed.
3:30AM – I’m in my car, heading to the Philadelphia Airport

4:40AM – Arrive at the airport, park car in economy parking lot and wait for shuttle bus.

5:00AM – Enter airport, go through security
5:40AM – Plane takes off.
7:55AM – Plane lands in Atlanta.

8:15AM – Hunt down a cab, get a call that the photo shoot is canceled, so I head directly to my office.
9:00AM – Arrive at our office in Buckhead.  We have clients coming in for a big tactical planning meeting where we discuss all our projects next year and get an idea of our entire year’s scope of work.  We work through lunch putting the final touches on this presentation.
1:30PM – Clients arrive and the meeting goes really well.  They appreciate the thought behind our ideas and agree to lots of projects for 2009.  This will be good for the brand we support and good for the company I work for. 
6:00PM – Meeting concludes.  We walk to the Westin hotel and have a drink before we head off to dinner, I have a Dos Equis.
6:45PM – We arrive at the Capital Grill for dinner.  The steak was phenomenal, but the highlight of the evening was when a colleague of mine had his napkin taken away by the waiter and he said, “Whoa, I’ll need that napkin, can you give it back?”  The waiter kindly replied, “I am replacing it with a napkin that matches your attire sir.”  We had just blown our cover, we are not regulars at fancy establishments!
10:45PM – Get back to hotel, call my wife and talk for a little bit.  Too tired to talk much, just let her know that it’s been a good day and I’m still alive.  I’m about to turn off the light and see a big blood or wine stain in the carpet.  I call the front desk to inform them it wasn’t me and I did not want to be charged for it.  They said they were aware and were waiting for new carpet, I said okay, and immediately fell asleep.  

Tuesday, November 25.  6:45AM – Alarm sounds, I bounce out of bed.
7:20AM – Arrive at my office to greet clients and take them to the photo shoot.  We head to Piedmont Park which is beautiful and designed by the sons of  the guy who designed Central Park in NYC. 

9:00AM – Photo shoot begins.  Don’t want to give out competitive intelligence, so I’ll just attach a single picture from the shoot.  You’d be surprised at how many people are required for a photo shoot, it’s dozens.  You have the photographer, videographer, set up crew, props people, makeup people, style people, racks of clothing, caterers, models, lighting, etc. 

2:00PM – Head back to the office.  I took more pictures, but this is already a long post with plenty of pics so I’ll just include my favorite thing from the office.  This is a big 3-D piece of art with many layers.

4:00PM – Head back to airport, sit in lots of traffic and pass some cheap gas (we’re getting damn close to my $1.50 prediction)

6:55PM – Plane takes off.
9:05PM – Plane lands.
9:20PM – I am in shuttle bus taking me back to economy parking lot.

9:30PM – In car and heading home.
10:45PM – Arrive home, exhausted. 

There you go people.  For anyone who thinks business travel is fun or desirable, it’s usually not.  It’s a long, hectic, trip typically devoid of any pleasure.  At least the steak was damn good. 

Sometime later this week I’ll give my detailed thoughts on the new era of comments censorship.  But please know this, I appreciate all my readers and everyone who checks this site, and that’s the bottom line.  I appreciate the crazy comments, I appreciate all the people who visit, I want to make this the best site for everyone.  Thank you for your time and thoughts. 

Much Love,

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