Robstapo – Blog Censorship

First of all, I want to let everyone know about the sleep deprivation a new born baby brings.  Just imagine yourself getting really tired, changing into your pajamas, brushing your teeth, snuggling up to your significant other and giving her a goodnight kiss and closing your eyes to go to bed.  The day starts to fade away, you’re relaxed, your comfortable, you’re snuggled up, it’s just about time to fall into that deep and perfect sleep when…gaaaaah….Gaaaaaaaaaah…..AHHHHGAAAH….AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  You and your wife freeze, like two soldiers hiding in the brush as an enemy battalion walks within inches of you.  You think to yourself, “Please God, let me get away with this, just this one time” and all of the sudden an enemy soldier sees you out of the corner of his eye, the troops surround you and it’s WAAA..WAAA!!!!  The baby persists, the house is rattles and reverberates the baby scream.  

This scenario takes place on a nightly basis, showtime starts at 11PM.  

Act 1 – Mom tries to feed baby, this muffles the William Wallace baby scream
Act 2 – Mom whisks baby away downstairs and performs several baby calming techniques (bouncing, burping, pacing, steadily intensified “Shush”es, place baby in swing, swaddle baby, give up all hope.
Act 3 – Mom gives up all hope, baby plays possum, falls asleep.
Act 4 – Mom and baby return upstairs, baby is ready to party again. Dad is awoken by a weird dream where he thinks a rabid dog is attacking him, it’s just the baby making weird grunting noises next to him.
Act 5 – It’s 4AM, Dad takes over and repeats Act 2, but in a more comical and pathetic manner which has minimal effect on the baby.
Act 6 – It’s 6:30AM, baby feels satisfied to have fully tormented parents, falls asleep.
Act 7 – It’s 7AM and your 2 year old wakes up!

Anyways, let’s talk blog censorship briefly.  My intentions for this site was to be a place for everyone to visit, I purposely post content that is suitable for a wide audience and try to shed some insight on my life for anyone that’s interested.  I also sincerely hope that this site generates good conversation and that people post some interesting comments.  There is no one in this world who I would feel uncomfortable showing this site to.  With that being said, I would not want comments posted by other people to make visitors to feel unwelcome.  Ultimately, this site is my little clubhouse where anyone is welcome to hang out and I don’t want wacky graffiti to keep some people from entering.  I will continue to remove postings, but only if I feel like they are harming someone.  If someone wants a post removed, they can just post a request to have it taken down.  It is very easy to post anonymously or under someone else’s name as has been demonstrated numerous times.  


4 thoughts on “Robstapo – Blog Censorship

  1. I always feel welcome. No matter what!Rob I want to thank you for giving me a platform to freely speak about my performances. The response to your blog by my fans is overwhelming!


  2. He does sometimes wake up, it’s really sad, because you hear him crying and I’ll open up his door and he’ll just be standing there crying in the dark. A couple nights ago, he was woken by Dalia, so I brought him downstairs and the 3 of us watched Sportscenter in the middle of the night.


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