Girl in Elf = She & Him

Howdy greenhorns, ranch hands, and ol’ cowpokes.  I’m writing in with my 198th blog posting…Yeehaw!!!

Last night the Deem family watched Elf, it’s safe to say that we all love the movie.  One of my favorite parts of the movie is when the girl is singing in the shower and Will Farrell the elf follows the singing into the bathroom and starts dueting with her.  It’s such a beautiful juxtaposition of cute and creepy, I can’t help but love it.  Anyways, that girl from Elf is a really talented singer and has an awesome CD out there where she teams up with M. Ward to craft vintage sounding pop songs that are really perfect for any occasion. 

If you’ve spent all of your Christmas money on presents for other people and you can only afford one song, buy Sentimental Heart. 

Other CDs I have like from this year:
– MGMT (electro pop) – the key song is Time to Pretend
– Wood Brothers (acoustic folk) – the key song is Postcards From Hell
– Ray LaMontagne (soul folk) – the key song is You Are The Best Thing
– Ben Sollee (cello plucking soul folk) – album is great from top to bottom

Songs that I liked this year
– Cold War Kids (Something Is Not Right With Me) – If the name of the song “Something Is Not Right With Me” speaks to you with way to much conviction, then something is probably not right with you and you will love blasting this song and singing along with pride
– Jessica Lea Mayfield (Kiss Me Again) – sad and somewhat miserable song, if that’s what you’re looking for

By the way, Jack Johnson’s record label just release an awesome Christmas music with the “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” I wrote about earlier plus other songs that sound great by G. Love, Matt Costa, Rogue Wave, Mason Jennings, etc.  The CD is called This Warm December: Brushfire Holidays

I am probably going to end 2008 with my 200th entry, so we’ll get two more entries in between now and December 31st. 

10 thoughts on “Girl in Elf = She & Him

  1. My 200th blog will be along the lines of last year’s “What a Year” Entry:’m working on figuring out the polling thing, but I’m not too optimistic, I may have hit my html ceiling.Since I probably won’t have the polling thing figured out, I’ll also call out my top five blog entries and give a little perspective on them. This 200th entry will be exciting, Dick Clark wishes he could be here when I post it.


  2. I’m here for YOU Robert. And what a year it’s been! Lil Wayne, Kanye West, the comeback of Britney Spears and the changing of a nation! I’m honored to help bring in the New Year with the RKDeemReport!


  3. Darn you people! I’m 1 person, not just a silly children’s swim game! First name Marco, last name Polo. And I’m undefeated at the game just so you know.


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