Dalia Was In The Hospital

I had a terrible cold a couple weeks ago and its still lingering.  Unfortunately, my infant daughter Dalia caught my cold as well and because she’s so little, we had to take her to the hospital.  They kept her overnight and had oxygen going into her nose through some little tubes and she had a saline solution going through an IV into her little baby hand.  They also had to take a urine sample for testing purposes and to get a urine sample from a baby, a catheter needs to be applied.  Must have been a purely awful experience for the little girl, but she’ll never remember it – thank god.  She was released tonight and she’s now back at home and so is her mother.  Everything’s fine, but it the whole experience injected a lot of anxiety into our holiday break. 

Here’s a great commercial, when I see the kid jumping onto the table, I can only think of Winston.

15 thoughts on “Dalia Was In The Hospital

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