Sledding at the Mercer Museum in Doylestown

Infrequent blog posting = severe sleep deprivation + launching a new ad campaign at work + Grand Theft Auto

I’m on the very last mission of Grand Theft Auto, so I’ll be able to remove that from the equation soon.

I have to skedaddle for work in a couple minutes, but here’s some pics and brief stories around them:

Winston and I are all tuckered out after the Eagles defeat the Minnesota Vikings.  Winston’s awesome jacket came courtesy of cousin Blake on Winston’s second birthday.

Lev had a little Rock Band get together where Jaclyn rocked the drums, I played some mean guitar and Kevin (closest) did the greatest rendition of Creadence Clearwater Revival’s Up Around the Bend.  Seriously, it was better than the original. 

With the snow, we rushed over to Target and purchased a new sled.  Winston loved sledding and his mom was a lot more scared going down the hill than Winston.  You could hear her screaming all the way down.  We were sledding at the Mercer Museum in Doylestown.

Winston and I did a couple runs together and eventually I felt he was ready for a solo sled ride.  Jaclyn decided it was a horrible idea, but I put him in the sled anyways and gave him a shove down the hill.  As soon as the sled went speeding down the hill, I realized a lot of things could potentially go wrong.  I ran down the hill after the sled.  On the picture above, the picture was taken from the starting location, so it’s a pretty long ride to the bottom (you can see me at the bottom in red pulling the sled).  Winston made it all the way down with out any issues, in fact, he popped up out of the sled at the end with a huge smile on his face…wanting to do it all again.

Winston is talking a lot more.

Dalia is starting to get on a better sleeping schedule.

We got new bedroom furniture.


Everything is going in the right direction.

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