The Adventure

Here’s a quick explanation of the new blog category.  Don’t worry, we’ll still keep aspects from The Village and I have a couple more interviews on que, so it’s not a dramatic departure.  The adventure pairs up with a New Year’s Resolution on mine.  I am a huge fan of Ernest Hemingway and love that his stories are written in simple plain English, but the content is packed with raw emotion and excitement because war, epic battles with beast, and the most basic primordial struggles of man are at the core of his stories. 

I’ve always loved exploring and fishing, but I’ve put a lot of that on hiatus with two very young kids that need my attention.  This year I am planning on making a serious effort to sneak some adventure into my weekends and already have a couple trips on the docket.  On the first warm-ish weekend we have, I am traveling back to Glen Onoko Falls and finding the waterfall, I used Google Earth and now know precisely how to get there.  I plan on hiking the Delaware Water Gap’s Appalacian Trail, which used to be an annual tradition.  I have two deep sea fishing trips booked, one for Cobia that get close to 100 pounds and one for yellow-fin tuna.  

There’s a couple more ideas that I’m tossing around as well, it’s going to be a good year, one with lots of adventure…but the kids bring plenty of adventure themselves.  Just last night we had to evacuate the living room because Winston knocked over a lamp with one of those new LCD lightbulbs that contains mercury.  It shattered, we all had to go upstairs for 15 minutes and I had to clean up the hazardous materials with a damp towel. I asked for more adventure…I got it!


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